Farewell from Bugle Writers

In honor of our final news update of the school year, Bugle staff felt that we must give a proper thank you and goodbye to John Glenn and its staff. So here are some final words from the writers of The Shoemaker Bugle:

Karissa Meno:

“High school has been an absolute dream but also my worst nightmare. I had always felt that myself and others had gone through too much, but I now realize that we had to go through these things in order to grow. It’s such an insane thought knowing that some of us grew up together but won’t even remember each other in a year. There are so many things I want to say, but now it’s time to say goodbye. Goodbye to seeing my favorite people every day, waking up two hours before school starts to get ready, and goodbye to the teachers that made me feel seen and important. Mr. Higgins thank you for giving the quiet kid a chance to be your editor; it was the best year of my life. Goodbye, John Glenn High School.”

Evelyn Magaña:

“I came to this school in 11th grade and I have mixed emotions about this place. I’ve had my ups and downs at this school more than my other ones I have been to, but I will say that I appreciate the friends I met here a lot. They helped me through a lot without even knowing it. I will miss the good teachers, but I’m glad to say goodbye to the bad ones. I hope to keep the good memories I made here, but either way it’s time to say goodbye…  So, to John Glenn High School, I hope you guys can be better over the years.”

Em Holy:

“John Glenn has been good and bad. It’s hard to write a farewell letter because I’m both so happy to leave but also very saddened to go. The friends I have made here are people that I am thankful for every day. My bestie Leslie has given me so many laughs and helped me through so much; I couldn’t be more thankful to know her. A big thank you to Mr. Higgins and Mrs. Lara for being the only adults at John Glenn who made me feel safe here. Even with all of the bad, I’m almost thankful for these years.”

Leslie Cardenas:

“The past four years at this school have been a whirlwind of emotions. Although I’ve had bad experiences in this school, I choose to remember the good memories. Like the three amazing staff members who I will always remember: Mr. Higgins, Mrs. Lorenzana, and Mrs. Lara. Not only have they made me work harder in your class, but Mrs. Lara was there for me when I really needed it.”


“To Glenn, I thought our experience together would be better and thoughtful, yet instead, you were a whirlwind of emotions and damage. Thank you for the hardships, and for teaching me to keep going, despite the struggles and change.”

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