Self Love is the Best Love: Summer Skin Care Guide

By Destiny Padilla

A glimpse of summer and a sensation of relief opens our eyes as the final month of school lays upon us. It is important to take note of and embrace the fact that we all have made it and all of the struggles were worth it.

During the summer one of the main disadvantages is that you are cooped up with yourself and many realizations can set in. On days where you find yourself alone during summer, take note of your mental health and make the correct decisions that will benefit you.

For instance, protect yourself from the summer heat.

One of the most popular sunscreen brands is Supergoop, they have a variety of skin-protecting products for all skin types such as oily and sensitive. What makes Supergoop even more of an honorable mention is the fact that it is cruelty free!

In case you do end up getting a sunburn, treat it with precaution. The best treatments for a sunburn are cold showers and smoothing aloe vera on the red swells. Banana Boat makes a good “After Sun Soothing Aloe,” but you can find many generic brands that do the job well, too.

Stay safe this summer, and take care of yourself!

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