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Margaret’s Place and Domestic Violence Awareness Week

By Leslie Cardenas

To recognize Domestic Violence Awareness Month this October, Margaret’s Place and its Peer Leaders conducted a school-wide campaign at JGHS this week, which included activities that were designed to empower students to get involved in ending the cycle of violence and promoting healthy relationships.

Each day, Margaret’s Place and its Peer Leaders hosted many activities during lunch time. On Monday, Margaret’s Place Peer Leaders tabled in the quad during lunch to encourage students to participate in our interactive mural. The interactive mural consists of responses to prompts on how to stand up, speak out, and make a change against domestic violence.

On Tuesday, Peer Leaders tabled in the quad once again, this time passing out tip cards and information on DV. On Wednesday, a trivia game was hosted inside Margaret’s Place (room 303). The trivia game helped students learn more about DV and how to get help. Students were invited to come to Margaret’s Place on Thursday to create art and writing around DV awareness and healthy relationships. This art may be submitted to be on a Margaret’s Place zine that will be distributed electronically to all Margaret’s Places in L.A. and NYC. Finally on Friday, students were encouraged to wear purple to honor domestic violence awareness.

Margaret’s Place offers individual and group therapy with our counselor Mrs. Lara. Margaret’s Place is a safe space for anyone and everyone to join. Room 303 is open during snack or lunch. Every Monday, Mrs. Lara hosts “Mindful Mondays” where students can learn about being mindful.

Domestic Violence affects an estimated 10 million people every year in the United States alone. As many as one in four women and one in nine men are victims of domestic violence.

Physical abuse is often the first thing people think of when they hear domestic violence, although that is not always the case. Abuse by immigration status, emotional, sexual, technological, and financial abuse are all types of abuse that are often used in abusive relationships. Many abusers hold power and control over their victims.

Power and control is when an abusive partner uses abusive tactics to keep their partner in a relationship. For example, if person A in a relationship is an undocumented immigrant, person B may use that to control the person by threatening to call immigration officials if person A makes an attempt at leaving the relationship. This is just one of the many ways an abuser might hold power and control over someone.

If you or anyone you know need support of any kind or think you are currently in an abusive relationship, speak to our Margaret’s Place counselor Mrs. Lara in room 303. If you prefer to call or text someone please use the resources provided below.


National DV – (800) 799-SAFE(7233)

National Suicide Prevention – (800) 273-8255

Love Is Respect – (866) 331-9474

Chat lines:

National DV chat line – Text “Start” to 88788

Love Is Respect – Text “Loveis” to 22522

Opinion: Dress Code Inconsistent

By Leslie Cardenas

While the dress code is made to encourage a positive learning environment, it frequently is used inconsistently and targets girls more than guys.

“I believe that the dress code system is a double standard; guys are allowed to wear and show certain things and certain parts. But when girls are showing or wearing something it’s seen as inappropriate or distracting,” said Daniel Flores.

The sexualization of young women’s bodies is a great issue when it comes to the dress code. Crop tops, tank tops, shorts, and skirts are all seen as “distracting” or “immodest” whenever a young woman is seen wearing them. Meanwhile, if a young man is seen wearing any of these it is not seen as such. Many students believe that this clothing that is socially seen as “immodest” isn’t really immodest. 

A few weeks back, California went through a massive heat wave. This heat wave hit temperatures as high as 100 degrees. Many people could be seen around campus wearing tank tops and shorts. But because of the dress code, girls were more cautious when wearing said tank tops. “The fact that this heat wave was super bad and they were still kind of being strict about it.” said Adriana Zaragoza. Girls brought cover-ups just in case a staff member told them to cover up. While the girls had to be cautious, the guys did not need to do a double-take when it came to getting dress-coded.

The dress code is also often used inconsistently. According to the handbook, many trends around campus, like sagging and pajamas, are not allowed. Yet, you rarely see people getting dress-coded for these kinds of things. “I feel like it’s starting to become an eyesore of seeing dudes with shorts hanging down and at some point, you’re hoping they have something underneath,” said Jimmy Jimenez.

The school has offered some solutions to the dress code. During the 2019-2020 school year, slides and open-toed shoes were taken off the dress code and were allowed to be worn to school. The school is taking proposals to change the dress code once again. This year, the school should allow any type of tank tops like cami tops and spaghetti straps to be worn.

Leslie Cardenas

Leslie Cardenas is a senior at John Glenn High School and is an opinion and student life writer for The Shoemaker Bugle. She is a free-spirited and kind person. She loves nature and almost everything about the ’70s. Leslie plays the flute and piccolo for the John Glenn Marching Eagles. In her free time, Leslie enjoys crocheting plushies, clothing, buying crystals, tarot cards, listening to and playing music. Her favorite genres of music are rock and pop. Some of Leslie’s favorite artists are Greta Van Fleet, Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, ABBA, and Queen. Leslie has her own small business called Stardust Crochet (named after the song “Stardust Chords” by Greta Van Fleet) where she takes commissions for crochet items such as clothing or accessories but most people commission her to make plushies. Her favorite news sources are Now This News and CNN.
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