The Best Theme Parks to Visit This Summer 

By Kelly Catap

This summer, several theme parks await your visit. Here are a few local theme parks that you should experience!

•Knott’s Berry Farm

Located in Buena Park, California, Knott’s is known for its cute concept with Charlie Brown and Soak City Waterpark. GhostRider is one of Knott’s most attractive and well-known roller coasters because of its huge structure and wooden tracks. When you’re looking for a meal to eat at Knott’s, you should definitely try their Famous Chicken Dinner!


The Walt Disney Company first opened Disneyland in Anaheim, California in 1955. Disneyland showcases several cosplays walking around the park, parades, refreshing treats, live performances, and popular rides. For a better experience, Walt Disney World, Florida offers twice as many attractions.

•Six Flags Magic Mountain 

In Valencia, California, Six Flags is known as the “Thrill Capital of the World.” Its most thrilling roller coaster is Kingda Ka because it is one of the tallest rides in the world. The Big Belly Burger is served as the best food at Six Flags. 


SeaWorld is found in San Diego, California with its colossal marine animal rescue organizations. As you enter the park, the refreshing breeze and the scent of seawater hits your face. There are a ton of sea animals to touch and look at, along with their exciting ride, Manta. The Chicken Snack Shack has a variety of chicken sandwiches to feast on. For a better experience, visit SeaWorld at Orlando, Florida. 


Using tiny lego pieces, Legoland creates itself at the spot of Carlsbad, California (close to San Diego). It’s known for its aquarium, waterpark, and its amazing features made out of millions of lego bricks. The Dragon Coaster is one of Legoland’s best rides. While walking around, get a chance to try Granny’s Apple Fries. For a better experience, visit Billund, Denmark, where Legoland was originally built. 

•Universal Studios

Found at Universal City, California (North Hollywood), Universal Studios is known for its mesmerizing rides based on iconic movies and television shows. One of its famous rides is Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. On a hot day, the Freeze Ray Smoothie is the perfect treat! For a better experience visit Universal Orlando. 

If you get the chance to travel, these areas have unique theme parks that you might enjoy! 

•Sanrio Puroland 

An indoor theme park in Tama, Japan is entirely decorated with Sanrio characters. You can meet Hello Kitty, MyMelody, Kuromi, Pompompurin, and many others. Its features include the Sanrio Character Boat Ride and the hosted parades. If you get hungry, the Sanrio Rainbow World Restaurant serves the best pasta dishes and rice omelet. 


Established in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Hersheypark is known for its themed Hershey candies. While touring through the park, Skyrush is the park’s greatest roller coaster. The snacks that many people find delicious at the park are the Chocolatier and Tower Fries. Hersheypark also has a waterpark and a zoo next door!

Plan your vacation now and take a journey inside these theme parks!

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