Special Features

Honoring Vicente Fernández

By: Itzmali Vasquez and Diego Avalos Vicente Fernández was born February 17, 1940. He was born and raised in Huentitán del Alto, Jalisco, Mexico to…

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Bob Saget- A Remembrance

By: Brian Scott On January 9, 2022 Bob Saget, one of the world’s most beloved TV dads and comedians, sadly passed away in his hotel…

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Spring 2022 Zodiac Watch

By: Juliet Tarot It is Aries, Taurus , and Gemini season. Aries is a fire sign; Taurus is an earth sign; and Gemini is an…

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The Source in Buena Park

By Noelani Discipulo Sometimes we are so comfortable staying in our own area, we don’t get to see the great things outside. If you are…

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Video Game Review: Omori

By Yael Ventura Content Warning: Omori features a cute hand drawn aesthetic but the plot covers very heavy themes along with containing flashing lights. If…

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Film & TV Reviews

Red Notice: Movie Review

By: Karissa Meno Red Notice is set up to be a fun and adventurous movie, and as always contains a little comedy. The Netflix Original…

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Food Reviews

Angels Tijuana Tacos Review

By: Isaiah Almanza Angel’s Tijuana Tacos is beyond just your average taco stand. Angel’s is located around the Los Angeles area and locations vary but you can find them on their Instagram page @angelstijuanatacos.  Angel’s offers flavor and tenderness to

Food Review: Code Green? Code Red? The Coffee Code?

By: Noelani Discipulo Breakfast – Coffee Code SEEKING SOMETHING DIFFERENT.  If you really enjoy the artistry and craft of coffee, may I suggest you try Coffee Code.  On the corner of Rosecrans and Clarissa, just before Carmenita stands Coffee Code.

Food Review: The Good, The Bad, The BBQ Chicken

By: Noelani Discipulo Lunch – BBQ Chicken MUST HAVE CRUNCH.   Do you crave chicken but that crunch is never satisfying enough? Then BBQ Chicken is a place for you.  BBQ Chicken is a Korean fried chicken joint that offers

Food Review: Mochi + Donuts = Mochinut

By: Noelani Discipulo Dessert – Mochinut Mochinut is mainly known for their chewy mochi donuts, which are made from glutinous rice instead of regular flour. The glutinous rice adds to the sweetness of the donuts as well as their chewiness.

Food Review: Sake2Me in Cerritos

By Noelani Discipulo Sake2Me is a Japanese styled sushi bar located in Cerritos. They’re open from 11:30am – 10pm seven days a week. They are mainly known for being an all-you-can-eat (AYCE) restaurant, which is limited to their menu and

Music Reviews

Gunna DS4EVER: Music Review

By: Pedro Torres Gunna’s new album DS4EVER released on January 7th, 2022 is a strong album. Gunna is an American rapper born and raised in…

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