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Valentine’s Day Confessions

Shoemaker Bugle readers send in their Valentine’s confessions and anonymous messages

Complied by Em Holy

I wish you knew how much I love you,
I wish you knew how much you mean to me,
I wish you knew how much I appreciate you,
I wish you knew how much I dreamed of you,
But alas, we don’t always get what we desire,
As much as I wanted you by my side,
I’ll never know what it’s like to hold you,
And as lucky as he was to win your heart,
I’ll forever hold you in mine,
Even if I never held yours…

— Anonymous

“I was once in a field of dandelions searching one to pick, but the ray of the sun landed on you.”
And that’s how I asked my girlfriend out. She really loved the poem.

I like Andrew Donis so much: his greenish eyes, his style… There’s a lot more to it, I just can’t say it on here lol

— Anonymous

I really am in love with a very handsome boy. Every time I see him I start to think if he feels the same as me; and I want to know what his response is when I gave him a letter. I love my boy, Eric. 🙂

My feelings for you are the same as they once were. I love you through thick and thin and hope to talk to you again.

— RS

I fell in love the day we met, two lost souls found one another. The laughter and smiles we share day after day are like medicine to my broken heart. Your love keeps me going. Con mi corazon abierto te digo que te amo. – 04/03

Anonymous Confessions

Milestone Worries

I’ve been going through a lot and I’m afraid I wont have a good Valentine’s Day, especially since me and my boyfriend are about to hit a milestone in our relationship.

Just Friends?

I still wanna be with my best friend but I can’t tell him because it’s not what he wants right now.

2nd Period Confession

I like a person who likes me back, but I don’t think they know I do… We have classes together, but I feel like I really know him during 2nd period than in any other time.

Forbidden Love

I’m still kinda in love with someone I shouldn’t be in love with

Sweet gentle giant, how your smile lit up the room,
What I would give to have made you smile through gloom.
Although time torments as you’ve earned your wings and halo,
I know for certain you’re not surrounded by kalo.
Your favorite day to celebrate is coming up soon,
I still remember the flowers you used to swoon.
Although I can’t spend it with you,
Although you aren’t here,
My heart will always be yours,
You don’t have to worry dear.
Sweet gentle giant, how I miss you so,
Soon I will ascend to you, where we’ll both glow.

— Anonymous

I wish there was an easier way to tell you that I love and want you.

— Anonymous

From Yanni

Hi Em I love you so much your maybe probably cute ❤

Em you might not know after 3 years but I might have a crush on you

Em I’m glad we made it out high school together I told you we’d be the 2%

That was the only math class I liked going to

Opinion: New Pick-Up System at Glenn is Confusing

By Em Holy

At the beginning of the school year, John Glenn High School input a new pickup system and many people have found it confusing and unnecessary. 

This new system was a sudden change that almost no one was informed of prior to  the change. Many parents were only made aware as they arrived to pick up their kids, but almost none of the student body was told.

Many parents and children were left confused at the end of the day. Some people couldn’t find their parents and were left wandering around the parking lot. This also caused a lot of traffic because no one knew the correct place to go.

This lack of communication with the student body and parents was definitely a failure on the faculty’s behalf, but many feel like the entire situation was completely unnecessary and preventable.

A student, Moth Vera said, “There’s other things the school should be worrying about, there was nothing wrong with the pickup system.”

Another concerned parent also said, “I don’t see how it makes anything safer or better, and not everyone follows the system.”

The general consensus is that this change was unnecessary, it wasn’t broken, so why fix it? It shows a level of organization within the school’s problems and priorities. There are bigger issues concerning the school and its students. The school should take more time to look into maybe changing other things would be more beneficial to all students.

ed. note: Below is the information that was shared to our Eagle parents and families in early September:

Please be reminded of the important changes to our Pick-Up procedures:

Your child’s SAFETY is our priority. To avoid the danger caused by congestion near the crosswalk and the front of the school, we are asking that you adhere to the new guidelines for after school pick-up. Our goal is to keep everyone safe, especially our Eagles and Bulldogs, and we thank you for following the guidelines below beginning Tuesday, September 6th.

PICK-UP (After School)

Students who…

  • Walk to School: Exit Gate 4.
  • Ride the School Bus: Exit Gate 4.
  • Are picked up in a car by a parent/guardian: Exit Gate 1 (by the gym).

Parents/Guardians please….

  • ENTER the first gate by the tennis courts off of Shoemaker Ave.
  • Use the turn-around to pick up your child by Gate #1
  • Exit through the gate by the MPR
  • At no time, should a driver be:
    • parked any red zone(s)
    • double parked anywhere on Shoemaker or Foster
    • parked in the middle of the street
    • Waiting in the front parking lot where the busses pick up
    • Crossing a double-yellow line to make a u-turn
  • Be mindful of the crosswalks on Shoemaker and Foster
  • Slow down for crossers
  • Do not enter the Staff Parking Lot