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Homecoming Postponed

New date scheduled for October 20-21 By Adriana Zaragoza John Glenn High School had their homecoming dance postponed due to a scheduling error on Hawthorne High School’s behalf. The homecoming dance was originally scheduled for September 23, 2022. It was…

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The Grad Nite Debate of ‘23

By Em Holy, Leslie Cardenas, and Karissa Meno

The first great senior class debate started on Friday, August 19 (probably not the greatest until homecoming and prom are brought up). The seniors have to consider their possible choices for the 2023 Grad Night, which takes place in late May 2023. Your vote is due to Mrs. Cruz in room 704 by the end of the day on Monday, August 22, 2022.

We are considering the pros and cons of the three big theme parks to choose from, including Disneyland, Six Flags, and Universal Studios. We talked to some of the seniors and listened to their opinions.

Chooses Disney:  “Disney is genuinely a great idea. The other parks like Six Flags and Universal I can pay for on my own, any day, I can pay and go to Six Flags or Universal. Disney would be the only place that I would go to every once in a while. I think it’ll be worth it to go and have an experience that will last me until my next trip years later.” – Em Holy (Writer)

Chooses Disney: “The amount of money is worth all the experience. It includes Disneyland, grad night, and California adventure. I believe it is a better way to spend your time.” – Leslie Cardenas (Writer)

Chooses Disney:  “I had senior friends that went to last year’s Grad Night and they said it was good, but it got boring cause they went on all the rides and had nothing to do when they were done. They only went to California Adventure, though.” – Allen Garcia

Chooses Disney: “I think I will choose Disney because the other options do not meet my expectations of ‘fun.’ One option meets the category of ‘boring,’ and very ‘limited’ and for the other options, I can already see myself not getting on the rides, and just being the one person who carries people’s bags while waiting for them to finish the rides.” – Joey Abugotal

Prefers any option: ”As someone who doesn’t have an opinion on most things, the money is not an issue. Parents should prefer for their kids to have fun. Even if money does matter in this situation, I think any kid should be lucky enough to be able to do these sorts of activities with their friends at any park.” – Karissa Meno (Writer)

Chooses Universal: “I would choose Universal, mainly because in my opinion it’s more fun and as someone who hasn’t been it would be a first time experience. I wouldn’t choose California Adventure/Disney because not only is it the most money, it is also a pain for the seniors last year and only giving negative feedback from them.” – Tony Jefferson

Most people in the senior class have been deciding to pay the extra money for the Park Hopper admission at Disneyland/California Adventure to get the best of the experience. Even if money is an issue, fundraising on your own outside of school wouldn’t be the worst idea. Even parents are suggesting Disneyland for the most part, because it is safer and closer to Norwalk. And some others don’t prefer any of the choices and that’s alright.

•More activities, shows and performances to watch
•Fast pass option
•Possibility of a Park Hopper admission
•More expensive price for tickets
(Some people have already started comparing original Disney tickets to the school benefit of grad night pricing.)
•Plenty of rides
•The park is fairly large
•The ticket is cheaper
•Park is TOO large–the walk around the park would be tiring, especially considering the times grad night has to offer
•It is a 50-mile drive (about 90 minutes) from Norwalk to Valencia, giving the seniors less time in the park
•Some people may not enjoy the rides or their themes
•Ticket comes with the 3D experience rides
•Pricing is fairly acceptable
•Premium purchase comes with breakfast
•Limited number of rides
•The weather will affect students and tire them out
•Themes or experiences that Universal has to offer are not as attractive

The choice is yours to make, but just know the majority vote for one park will go towards the whole senior class. This choice is all about fun and preference, just don’t forget in the middle of your decision making process to consider your fun and personal enjoyment.

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