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Eagles Spring Sports Roundup: Softball and Baseball

By Jason Leyva

Now that JGHS spring sports have ended, let’s check in on how the softball and baseball teams finished this spring.

The Eagles softball team had a season to be proud of.

Even though our softball team ended their season with a disappointing 9-1 loss in round two of the CIF playoffs, the girls played strong softball all season long consistently. 

The Saint Joseph Jesters ended the Eagles’ dream season, winning 9-1 after a huge 7-run outburst in the 3rd inning, effectively ending the game. The May 9 loss ended the season for the Eagles, but did not put a damper on an otherwise very successful team who has more to look forward to next year. Besides the graduations and departures of star SS Beatriz Galvez, OF Alize Diaz, and IF Kaylani Moncada, the Eagles will be returning a talented roster ready to take the next championship step.

In their opening-round playoff victory, the Eagles trounced Moreno Valley 11-1, thanks to 3 RBI from junior Anais Perez, another 2 runs driven in by senior Beatriz Galvez, and a big 3-for-3 day by Carissa Galvan. In addition to her perfect day at the plate–which included driving in and scoring 2 runs–Galvan pitched a masterful 6 innings, striking out 8, walking none, and allowing just 1 run on 3 hits.

Eagles Softball finished in 2nd place to undefeated Cerritos with a 7-3 record in the 605-League (16-4-1 overall). At one point, the Eagles were 14-0-1, but their undefeated run ended on April 18 with a 14-1 loss to Cerritos, who would come back a week later and beat Glenn again by an 11-1 score.

In a pregame ceremony on March 17, the Eagles softball team honored Ms. Pamela Trimble, who is retiring this summer. Ms. Trimble has been teaching at JGHS since 1988 and graduated from JG in 1980. She was the former softball coach and the Eagles thanked her for her years of service and dedication to Glenn.

Mrs. Trimble honored by the softball team on March 17
(photo: weareglenneagles on Instagram)

And now onto the baseball team. How did the season go? Glenn’s baseball team finished with a 5-12 overall record, and 1-7 in the 605-League, going 4-7 at home and just a 1-5 record on the road. Cerritos was at the top of the 605-League, finishing with a 7-1 record (17-10 overall).

Some big wins for the Eagles were a season-opening 13-5 rout of Bell Gardens, including a 7-run outburst in the 2nd inning, and the 605-league win being a 6-5 road victory over Pioneer.

Baseball had a team with some strong underclassmen who should be returning next year, including juniors Angel Aguilar and Santos Hernandez.

As the Brooklyn Dodger fans used to say, “Wait ‘til next year!” When spring comes around in 2024, be sure to keep an eye on our baseball and softball teams.

Things To Do Over the Summer

By Carlos Lopez and Alicia Cram

As the school year comes to an end we are one step closer to summer vacation. The sudden amount of free time and seemingly endless opportunities throughout the summer will probably be the first thing that comes to mind, and as such, these are some things that you can do with your friends (or on your own–we don’t judge!) during this summer.

1. Go swimming or go to the beach:

This one was a fairly obvious choice as we have the privilege of being situated right by the coast. A few of my favorite beaches are Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, and of course, Corona Del Mar. These beaches are less visited than some of the other beaches in SoCal which means that you’ll be able to have a quieter, more calming experience. These beaches are also much cleaner than a lot of other beaches which all adds up to be an overall enjoyable experience.

2. Go watch a movie:

This one was another obvious choice but it still had to be mentioned on this list nonetheless. Some notable movies that are set to release in the summer are: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (June 2), Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One (July 12), and Oppenheimer (July 21), for you Christopher Nolan fans.

3. Go to a concert:

While this option is usually more on the pricey side, I can almost guarantee you that it’ll be worth it in the end. I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to go see Kendrick Lamar live and up close at the Crypto Arena last year, and while I did spend a healthy amount to go see him live, I can say that it was worth every dollar and cent. For more economically-savvy choices, you can also check out The Observatory in Santa Ana and House of Blues in Anaheim. It’s all to say that I’m sure that if you end up going to a concert this summer, you will be saying the same thing.

The Greek Theater in Los Angeles

Here are some more little things you can do to enrich your summer:

4. Plant a tree

5. Hang out with your friends

6. Go to a party

7. Learn a new language

Farewell from Bugle Writers

In honor of our final news update of the school year, Bugle staff felt that we must give a proper thank you and goodbye to John Glenn and its staff. So here are some final words from the writers of The Shoemaker Bugle:

Karissa Meno:

“High school has been an absolute dream but also my worst nightmare. I had always felt that myself and others had gone through too much, but I now realize that we had to go through these things in order to grow. It’s such an insane thought knowing that some of us grew up together but won’t even remember each other in a year. There are so many things I want to say, but now it’s time to say goodbye. Goodbye to seeing my favorite people every day, waking up two hours before school starts to get ready, and goodbye to the teachers that made me feel seen and important. Mr. Higgins thank you for giving the quiet kid a chance to be your editor; it was the best year of my life. Goodbye, John Glenn High School.”

Evelyn Magaña:

“I came to this school in 11th grade and I have mixed emotions about this place. I’ve had my ups and downs at this school more than my other ones I have been to, but I will say that I appreciate the friends I met here a lot. They helped me through a lot without even knowing it. I will miss the good teachers, but I’m glad to say goodbye to the bad ones. I hope to keep the good memories I made here, but either way it’s time to say goodbye…  So, to John Glenn High School, I hope you guys can be better over the years.”

Em Holy:

“John Glenn has been good and bad. It’s hard to write a farewell letter because I’m both so happy to leave but also very saddened to go. The friends I have made here are people that I am thankful for every day. My bestie Leslie has given me so many laughs and helped me through so much; I couldn’t be more thankful to know her. A big thank you to Mr. Higgins and Mrs. Lara for being the only adults at John Glenn who made me feel safe here. Even with all of the bad, I’m almost thankful for these years.”

Leslie Cardenas:

“The past four years at this school have been a whirlwind of emotions. Although I’ve had bad experiences in this school, I choose to remember the good memories. Like the three amazing staff members who I will always remember: Mr. Higgins, Mrs. Lorenzana, and Mrs. Lara. Not only have they made me work harder in your class, but Mrs. Lara was there for me when I really needed it.”


“To Glenn, I thought our experience together would be better and thoughtful, yet instead, you were a whirlwind of emotions and damage. Thank you for the hardships, and for teaching me to keep going, despite the struggles and change.”

Creative Students at Glenn

By Richard Sanchez

Have you ever wondered what hidden creative students are among us? Today is a day to appreciate the wonderful students of John Glenn and to show off their creative talent. Whether they produce art or music, let’s show off their creativity with the last article of the year. I would like to highlight four different individual talents today.

The first John Glenn Eagle we have is senior Carlos Lopez. Carlos first got into producing beats towards the end of 2020 during the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. His creation of music started from his passion for the beats in songs from artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West (now known as “Ye”). Carlos explained that once he gets his beats copyrighted, he will publish his beats for all those to hear. During his free time, you can find him researching new sounds for future beats, enjoying a good show on Netflix, and listening to multiple genres of music, among other things. You can find Carlos on Instagram as “easymoneyuziii.”

Second on the list is Andrea Alfaro. Her artistic interest started back when she could hold a pencil. Andrea constantly creates new art in her free time whether she is asked to or does it as a gift for someone. When it comes to getting artist block, she prefers to run while listening to music and once she’s seen something interesting it immediately gives her brand new inspiration. Her personal style comes from aspects of cartoon and other artists’ work, using little elements from different pieces she’s seen it allows her to create her own unique style.

Third on our list is a student from our very own sister school Southeast Academy. Alicia Cram is a 16 year old junior with a passion for art. Most of her art is inspired by anything that she likes or that piqued her interest. She started making art to relax and get away from everything. For her, the hardest part about being an artist is when others judge her art when they do not do art themselves. If you are interested in seeing any of her work you can find her at “local_artist_cram” on Instagram.

Kiyanna Teartt is 4th on today’s list. Her love for art started in 2018, but she took art more seriously because she saw the creations of others around her. The inspiration to continue drawing was after seeing her friend Andrea’s work. Kiyanna personally thinks that the hardest parts for her when drawing are body proportions, realism, and staying consistent with her work. She consistently posts about her and her art work on Instagram under the name “balanced_.ki.”

Be on the lookout for any of your classmates or others around you. Everyone has their own secret talent and we can all take inspiration from one another to make our pieces better than ever.

Thanks for reading the last Shoemaker Bugle of the school year. This is Richard signing off–Stay safe out there, people.

Top 10 College Commitments from John Glenn High School

Eagles and Bulldogs Pick Their Colleges

By Genesis Garcia-Rizo

John Glenn High School Eagles

  • Diego Contreras (Valedictorian): MIT
  • Sammy Hamouda (Salutatorian): University of California, San Diego
  • Javier Reynoso (#3): Stanford University
  • Madison Luna  (#4): Cal State University Fullerton
  • Stany Hernandez (#5): University of California, Santa Barbara 
  • Gael Rojas (#6): Cerritos College
  • Hailey Stoner (#7): Cal State University Fullerton
  • Karen Lopez Calderon (#8): Cerritos College
  • Angelica Garcia (#9): Cal State University Long Beach
  • Gilberto Calderon (#10): Cal State University Long Beach
  • Michelle Gonzalez (#10): Cal State University Long Beach
  • Andrea Urena (#10): Cal State Poly Pomona

Southeast Academy High School Bulldogs

  • Maryann Park-Cunibertti (#1): University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • Naidy Cuadras (#2): University of California, Irvine
  • Jonathan Garcia (#3): University of California, Davis
  • Christianelle Lapid (#4): University of Hawaii
  • Evelyn Bejarano (#5): University of California, Riverside
  • Erick Estrada (#6): West Point Military Academy (New York)
  • Daisy Penaloza (#7): University of California, Irvine
  • Melody Castro (#8): Wayne State University (Detroit, MI)
  • Alexa Perez (#9): Cal State University Fullerton
  • Alexander Gonzalez (#10): Rio Hondo College

Other Notable College Commitments

  • Carlos Lopez: Cal State University Dominguez Hills
  • Adriana Zaragoza: Rio Hondo
  • Evelyn Magaña: Cerritos College 
  • Margarita Calderon: Cal State University Long Beach
  • Daniel Flores: Cal State University Long Beach
  • Joey Abugotal: Cal State University Long Beach

Senior “Exit Interviews” as They Leave the Nest

By Iris Buckley

We asked some senior students the same six “exit interview” questions about their review of John Glenn High School. Are they happy they’re leaving the nest? Or are they as sad to leave as we are to see them go? Let’s review!

1. How has your experience been at John Glenn?

“It has been a lot of things all at once. A lot of things happen in high school, and I understand that, but I think over here it just magnifies twice as much and it’s not always good; but that’s just how it’s always been at John Glenn.”
– Karissa Meno

“The last four years of high school have honestly been so emotionally abusing and terrorizing. It’s put me through so much incredible trauma that I never thought I’d have to overcome in my life.”
– Adriana Zaragoza

“I wouldn’t say it was good but I wouldn’t say it was bad. I’ve met pretty good people here, so I guess that’s the good part. The bad part is teachers and schoolwork.”
– Leslie Cardenas

2. What was your favorite class, and why?

“My favorite class was drama in freshman year because it was just so fun and filled with friends.”
– Em Holy

“I have two: journalism and band. Band because I like music, and journalism because it’s so fun to write things for the newspaper.”
– Leslie Cardenas

“Choir, because that’s where I got confidence to talk to more people.”
– Evelyn Magaña

3. What’s your favorite memory at John Glenn?

“I think my favorite memory is leadership or band, [especially] when we used to do competitions and activities.”
– Leslie Cardenas

“My favorite memory of John Glenn is leaving it.”
– Dennis Vera

“Meeting all my friends that I have right now. Even though they can be a pain, I still love them.”
– Evelyn Magaña

4. Did you join any sports or extracurriculars at John Glenn? If so, how many, and how was the experience?

“I joined leadership, cheer, drama and journalism, so that’s four. I would say it was very stressful. If the time was managed better it would’ve been less stressful.”
– Evelyn Magaña

“I did sports my first 3 years of high school, nothing this year. Freshman year I did basketball and tennis; sophomore year I did basketball and volleyball; and junior year I did football and basketball. I’ve also been a part of AVID Club for 2 years now.”
– Carlos Lopez

“I have never joined any extra courses here. I’m only here when I have to be.”
– Dennis Vera

5. Who’s your favorite teacher at John Glenn?

“Mr. Higgins is my favorite teacher because he understands me the most.”
– Karissa Meno

“It would be a tie between Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Higgins.”
– Carlos Lopez

“My freshman year, my favorite teacher was Mrs. Braun, my sophomore favorite was Mr. Wroten, my junior favorite was Ms. Nichols, and my senior favorite is a mix of Mr. Higgins, Mrs. Johnson, and Mrs. De Lama because they all inspired me to go to college as an English major.”
– Adriana Zaragoza

6. Are you happy you’re leaving John Glenn?

“I’d say mostly yes, I’m very much looking forward to the college experience and I’ve made some good memories here but the way I see it is it’s just another chapter ending. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
– Carlos Lopez

“Oh definitely! I mean, I am going to miss good teachers and seeing my friends every day, but the environment here is way too negative and I can’t do it anymore.”
– Karissa Meno

“Yes, 100%! I’m gonna miss Mr. Higgins and Mrs. Lorenzana but I’m happy to get out of here.”
– Leslie Cardenas

Farewell Messages to the Class of ’23 from Eagle Staff & Students

Compiled by Evelyn Magaña

As the end of the year comes, it’s time for Eagles to say farewell to the class of 2023.

My favorite movie is Auntie Mame starring the great Rosalind Russell. Her character, Mame, says, “Life’s a banquet, and the most poor suckers are starving to death!” To the class of ‘23, go out there and live! Enjoy the banquet.

— Ms. Harrington

From Mrs. Cruz

ASB Seniors, I am going to miss you guys. Thanks for making great things happen. Please continue to be a leader in your community. Best Wishes for the future.

Janeen and Gabby, I don’t know how I will do ASB without you. Thanks for guiding me through this year.

I am going to miss you.

In full Language Arts teacher mode, I will quote William Shakespeare, from Julius Caesar:

“Whether we shall meet again I know not.

Therefore our everlasting farewell take:

For ever, and forever, farewell!

If we do meet again, why, we shall smile;

If not, why, then this parting was well made.”

Class of ‘23, you are special, and you are loved. Be well and be kind.

– Love, Mr. Higgins

Congratulations, seniors! I’m so proud of you for everything you’ve overcome through the pandemic, and everything you’ve achieved! Always know that I’m here for you and that you are stronger than you know!
I’m sending you off with lots of love and prayers,

— Ms. Lorenzana

Teachers Remember You

Class of 2023,

You were sophomores during the crazy days of zoom. I may not recognize your faces but I’ll never forget your names. Take care and best of luck in the future.

– D. Wroten

Class of 2023,

Always be bold, be courageous, be your best! Remember there’s always going to be a new moment and a new opportunity. Never stop dreaming. Congratulations!

– Mrs. Johnson

“SENIORS YOU DID IT! Remember, Eagles are fearless. They fly high, rise above the storm, and are courageous. Congratulations, Class Of 2023”

— Ms. Roxy

From Students

-Halie Ambriz-Olivas

My shoutout is to senior Janeen Ramos and Hailey Stoner. I hope you guys have a great and bright future ahead of you. You guys are such very kind and supportive cheer captains. I believe in you guys to do great in the future and have big things ahead of you guys in life.

– Love Maritza

To Drea,
I love you very much, Drea. Thank you for being a great teammate, friend, and family. Forever going to keep you very close in my heart. I pray and hope that all your hopes and dreams are made a reality. Through your hard work and dedication you will triumph in life. With your kind soul you will create unbreakable bonds. I love you, Drea, and there’s no doubt that I’ll be missing you.  😦

-Maritza 🙂

Dear Javi,
Thank you for being such a great person. I appreciate and thank you for all your wise words and all that you do for me! Thanks for never declining my calls even if I had just called you minutes before. Cheers to you, Javi. Can’t wait for our road trip to Vegas.

It’s Okay to Feel Stuck Now

By Adriana Zaragoza

A lot of us are going off to college and planning our new lives as we now graduate high school and start a new life. To those who have no idea where to go from here, this is for you. It’s okay to feel stuck now–we’re entering a different phase of our lives. So, where do we begin?

1) Financial Stability

You now have a multitude of opportunities when it comes to how you want to make money. Personally, two of the easiest options for me were: 1) Download Indeed–it’s a great app to find jobs and put yourself out there to employers; and 2) Apply for a job at your local market or shopping center. I feel it’s best to work somewhere you obviously like and are familiar with, especially if you’re in range. Remember to be yourself.

2) Want vs. Need:

This quick reminder should have been with you your entire life but it definitely applies now. What you need is far more important than what you want, at most times. It’s incredibly important to create a budget for your life when it comes to financial, emotional, and academic needs. When you feed your mind, body, and life, what it needs to grow, it will. Don’t set yourself back for a temporary want.

3) Okay, but like, what now?

You grow, and you learn, and the best part is, it’s at your own pace. You can go to college and develop a career, you can start working a job and make money, or even better, you can start your own business and become an entrepreneur. The ideas are genuinely endless. Find out what you love and find a way to do it for the rest of your life. 

4) And if I don’t want to do anything?

Then simply don’t. 🙂 Sleep, think, do whatever you would like to do. I can not control your life, and neither can the school system. You’re now free so enjoy it. 

Lastly, before freaking out, I know so many of us seniors are in the same boat. Know to not be afraid but to test yourself at your greatest talent. I hope all of you take your new chance of freedom to create something lovely because it’s ok to feel stuck now.

Congratulations, class of 2023! We freaking did it!

Boys Volleyball Season in Review

By Laura Gomez

Boys volleyball had quite a rough season this year with an overall record of 2-14. They managed to secure their 2 wins by beating Cantwell and Pioneer High School.

Some of the team’s struggles were due to a lack of communication, mental errors, and hitting errors. When asked about how the season was, Coach Reyes stated: “It didn’t go as expected, and they struggled with consistency.” It was a rocky season with several mental challenges, but you can only go up from rock bottom.

Boys volleyball struggled on the court, however they did gain a preferable bond. They formed a family, and newcomers were welcomed with open arms to brotherhood. Since most of the team were seniors, incoming players have big shoes to fill.

Senior night was unfortunately taken away from the players due to a misunderstanding against Artesia High School. Artesia moved the game from Glenn to Artesia, so that they could showcase their newly renovated gym. After the game however, the boys volleyball team was welcomed back at Glenn with open arms from their supporters with posters, gifts, and their coaches’ farewell.

Overall the season was rough and lacking in consistency, but several memories and laughter were shared on the court.

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