Tips for Underclassmen to Survive High School

By Stany Hernandez

  1. Be Nice to Your Teachers and Staff

Besides the obvious benefit of simply being a good person, you should be nicer to your teachers and staff. Oftentimes when you are in trouble or need assistance, they will be more willing to help the people who don’t make their life a living hell. If you’re a senior or struggling student, they can also be a deciding factor or whether you graduate or repeat classes.

  1. Ask Staff about Opportunities

If you’re an overachiever or simply want to be prepared for the field of your choice, it’s always a good idea to ask your teachers. Teachers and counselors can be your greatest resources if you simply ask. Remember, they have worked in their fields and have family in others, it doesn’t hurt asking even if it seems unrelated. (I highlyyyyyy recommend talking to Ms. Afshar–She’s the best!)

  1. Ask Your Senior Friends about Classes

Before making decisions about what classes you’re taking for the next year, ask the seniors who have taken them. They can give you an honest opinion about every class they’ve taken and whether or not the class is a good decision overall. You should especially ask those in multiple activities and extracurriculars as this can give you an idea of the level of commitment it might take.

  1. Join Activities On or Off Campus

Socially, clubs and sports can be the greatest way to meet people. It gives you an opportunity to hang out with existing friends and go to events you wouldn’t think of going to otherwise (ex: going to Knott’s for $10, going to Six Flags).

  1. ENJOY IT!!

For people who are just focused on preparing for college and getting accepted, just please remember to enjoy your time here. It’s okay not to take the AP class if you’re only taking it for the GPA boost. What’s the use of stressing yourself out a grade you’re constantly battling to get to and possibly not attain? It’s so easy to just obsess over school and do nothing but drown in homework, but it’s okay to take it easy.

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