Beautiful Day to Save Lives

By Laura Gomez

The JGHS American Red Cross donation event collected 150 pints of blood. 70 John Glenn High School Students have saved 450 lives with their donation of those 150 pints of blood. The second blood drive of the school year for the American Red Cross was on April 25, 2023 which took place in the school’s gym.

The blood drive was held at the gym from 7 in the morning to 3:35 in the afternoon. It was organized more efficiently compared to the first semester’s Drive. CSF organized this event and allowed CSF and AVID Club members to volunteer. We have been hosting this event at Glenn for at least 10 years. CSF provided snacks, drinks, meals, and music; and once you donated, you were able to pick a shirt of the ones that were displayed.

12 of the JGHS students who donated gave “Power Red.” A Power Red donor donates double the amount of a regular donor and receives plasma and platelets. Once they donated, the volunteers made sure students rested for at least 30 minutes, with snacks and drinks just to make sure they were good to go.

Overall, I would like to thank Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Kennedy, Robert Torres, who always advertises these events, the 70 donors, the volunteers, and last but not least the nurses who got the job done.

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