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How to Ask Somebody Out

By Jason Leyva

Are you wanting to ask your crush out? Follow these four simple small steps that will boost your chances of them saying yes.

Step 1. Build courage:
You cannot do anything else until you build up courage, you need to be confident and ready. Be smart and careful with your words so you look confident and bold.

Step 2. Plan: Now start thinking of where and how you are going to ask them out. Think of pickup lines to say, how hygienic you are going to be, how you want to make them feel, what you are going to say to ask them out.

Step 3. Prepare: Now that you have everything planned, start thinking ahead. Think about what you are going to wear, practice your pickup lines, practice good hygiene and make sure you are fully confident and ready.

Step 4. Ask them out: Now you will actually ask them out! Do not be shy or nervous, be bold and respectable. Make them laugh and giggle and like your vibe. Let them know what good person they will have if they say yes. Now finally, say your words!

Advice Column: Ask Miss Diary

In early October, The Bugle asked readers to send in some questions for advice from our columnist. Here is our advice:

I hate my friend’s new boyfriend. She wants to invite him to hang around with us but I literally can’t stand him. What should I do?

I always like to say you don’t have to like someone your friend is dating, but maybe tolerate them out of respect for your friend, you know. Plan some things to do outside of school without him. If she wants to invite him, hint that it’s “just a girls’ thing,” or maybe even tell her that you miss hanging out with her alone.

How can a person move on from their past mistakes?

Well, there’s two things to remember: One, you can not change the past and that’s ok; two, not to beat yourself up over your mistakes. You’re going to make a million mistakes in this lifetime, and I like to think of it as learning from them, rather than moving on from them.

How can you manage time with school, work, etc.? 

The biggest advice I can give you for this is time management and organization. You have to WANT to work, be able to make big commitments, and prepare to sacrifice your social time. It is totally manageable and possible, but I personally recommend starting with a new job in the summer because it’s easier.  😉

How do you cope with the transition from a student to an independent person going into university or college?

I answered this last question with help from Mr. Derrick Wroten, our senior Economics and Government teacher. So how do you prepare yourself for a drastic transition from student, to an independent person going into a college/university? Mr. Wroten recommends preparing ahead of time, and picking your career so you can find the college that will help you with that career. He talked about finding colleges that fit you and your interests, instead of going for those big popular colleges everyone talks about. Some great points he made are the fact that you’re, “Surrounding yourself in a new atmosphere,” and, “if that school isn’t your vibe due to certain subjects or rules, you shouldn’t go.” Lastly, Mr. Wroten ended it with something that sticks to me, saying, “Go into college with the confidence that you’re going to get what you need out of this school.” Thank you Mr. Wroten!

Senior Farewell: Advice to Underclassmen

By Abby Corado

In my four years at JGHS, I can confidently say that I’ve gained knowledge on the do’s and don’ts of high school.

After taking about a handful of AP courses, I want to note that you should not overexert yourself. In this sense I mean don’t over do enrolling in honors and AP classes as it will lead to you burning out and having little to no motivation on doing absolutely anything (at least for me anyway). I advise you that, even though you should take your high school education seriously, have fun, too. While having fun you should also put yourself out there. I encourage you to join any extracurriculars that may hold your interest as it provides new friendships and more to put on your college application. 

Overall, just enjoy these years that you have now because as cheesy as it sounds, high school is gone as soon as it comes.