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Sweet Home: Manga Review

By Paul Kang

Sweet Home was originally a manga from an app called Webtoon, but now, you can watch Sweet Home on Netflix. The show is about a society that has a virus that turns people into monsters. Once the people become monsters, they exhibit and act upon the hidden and deepest desires they had while they were human. 

Turning into a monster!

The main character Hyun Cha is an orphan who lost his family in a car accident.  He and his neighbors fight vigorously to defend themselves from these creatures. Cha’s apartment becomes a safehouse for non-infected humans. 

Both the manga and the show give chilling thrills and freaky jump scares that really put you to the edge of your seat!

Creators and Info

The manga of Sweet Home was created and drawn by both Carnby Kim and Youngchan Hwang while the show was directed by Lee Eung-boks.

Sweet Home is a Korean manga, and it’s important to note that the show contains some profanity. This might not be a good fit for those squeamish around gore; however, it is a really good thriller and action paced manga and show.

About Hyun (Manga version)

Hyun lived with his family until the fateful day he chose not to go on a family trip with them. While driving on the road,  his father became distracted which resulted in the family’s fatal car crash.  

Instead of mourning, Hyun brags about how he is going to survive on the money he inherits. He makes no plans to attend his family’s funeral which results in his relatives  kicking him out. He goes to live in a small studio apartment by himself. Over time, the world becomes filled with monsters.

Manga Info

The manga provides amazing character development, allowing you to become attached to each and everyone of them. Though the manga has ended, this doesn’t stop fans from wanting more. So fans continue to beg the creators and ask them if they will continue the series. So far, the fans’ petitions have gone unanswered.

Show Info

The show has received over 1.2 billion views because of the intense excitement from the manga readers!  It received 80% on Rotten Tomatoes and many other positive ratings.

Though season one is over, the cliffhanger ending has fans all hoping there is more to come. Sweet Home fans–stay tuned!