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European Super League Starts, Gets Cancelled

By Jahir Poz

What a month it was for soccer.

We had the MLS start again in the U.S., and in Europe the Champions League had an exciting week. However, during all this, the news broke of a so-called “European Super League” that was in the works and ready to take part in the next two years. Multiple big teams in Europe from across the top 5 leagues came together and agreed to start their own league apart from UEFA and FIFA: AC Milan, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur, all of which are very prestigious clubs in Europe.

Just hours after receiving all the criticism and rants, two teams decided to pull out of the “Super League” competition immediately. Days later more teams were pulling out of the league due to the backlash. Only two teams were left–Real and Atletico de Madrid, who are both from Spain. The Super League, which would have rivaled the pan-European Champions League organized by the European football body UEFA, was presented as a way to “provide significantly greater economic growth and support for European football.”

Real Madrid’s president Florentino Perez was the man behind all this when he came up with the idea to make a new league. Even though he said the move was designed “to make football better,” this clearly would have made it worse. He even said in an interview that, “When money does not flow from the rich clubs to the poor clubs, everyone suffers… It’s impossible to make signings like Mbappe and Haaland, in general, not just for Real Madrid, without the Super League… If we don’t sign Mbappe this summer, I don’t think any fan will shoot himself in the head. They know we’re doing our best, and if things don’t happen, it’s because they’re impossible.”

A key problem was the proposal for all founding members of the 20-team league to keep their place regardless of their performance. Soccer teams across Europe have to perform well in their domestic leagues in order to qualify for the lucrative Champions League. And, unlike in most American league sports, teams who aren’t performing well face the possibility of being sent to the league below in the structure.

“The dream in football is that the smallest team can rise from the bottom to the top,” Michael Brunskill, a spokesman for the Football Supporters’ Association, said.

There’s a saying going on that states, “Created by the poor; stolen by the riches.” That is exactly what has happened here–it’s not about the passion of the fans or the players, it is all about the money for the owners who just want more and more. It is pathetic that all the rich soccer history just wanted to be thrown away for money. Every fan had the right to voice their opinion on this and not one fan said anything good that supported this decision made solely by the owners.

Fans can all agree that this Super League would have ruined football forever. As profitable as it may have been for owners, with fans, football would not be the same and it’s good that they realized it before it was too late.

DIEGO MARADONA: RIP to a Soccer Legend

by Jahir Poz

Last week the world lost one of most iconic athletes of all time. Argentine football legend Diego Maradona tragically passed away at the age of 60 on November 25th. Maradona’s longtime agent and Maradona’s spokesman both confirmed that he passed away just two weeks after a successful brain surgery and was released from a hospital in Buenos Aires.  

A statement from the Argentina Football Association read: “The Argentina Football Association, through its President Claudio Tapia, expresses its deepest pain at the death of our legend, Diego Armando Maradona. You’ll always be in our hearts.”

Argentina President Alberto Fernandez also confirmed three days of national mourning following the news. The Argentine government also confirmed that Maradona’s body will lie in state at the Casa Rosada government headquarters and that he will be given a state funeral. Additionally, the Argentine Professional Soccer League announced that the current First Division tournament will change its name to honor Maradona. 

Many soccer stars paid their respect and gave tribute to Diego Maradona such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and many more. Maradona will always be remembered as one of the greatest soccer players of all time, from his flashy moves to his amazing goals. One of the most famous moments in the history of the sport, the “Hand of God” goal, came when the diminutive Maradona punched the ball into England’s net with his left hand during the 1986 World Cup quarterfinals. He went on and led Argentina to it’s second World Cup title in history.

Maradona was touched by so many people around the world. Even the late, great Kobe Bryant had said before, “I love Maradona. When I was young in Italy, I used to always watch Maradona when he played for Napoli.” (Kobe spent seven years of his childhood in Italy.) In Italy, Maradona was untouchable, he helped the Italian side S.S.C Napoli win their two only league titles back-to-back, and he brought them back to relevance. The club has now renamed their stadium to Diego Armando Maradona Stadium. 

Diego will always be remembered–he is not gone, he is immortal. The sports world will never forget the impact he brought to soccer and how he made so many people fall in love with it. From his days in Napoli to his days in Boca Juniors, Diego Maradona is one of the best soccer players to ever touch a soccer ball and will always be remembered for the legend he was and the amazing legacy he left behind.

Latest news on Cristiano Ronaldo

By Jahir Poz

Cristiano Ronaldo tested positive for Covid-19, the Portuguese FA confirmed Tuesday morning, October 13, right after their game against France. Both Portugal and France have all tested negative following the news of Cristiano Ronaldo. He is set to miss the next three fixtures, one being an international game against Sweden, and the other two against F.C. Crotone and Dynamo Kiev for Juventus. The 35-year-old did play in two international games before testing positive, against Spain and France for the Nations League, both games ending scoreless 0-0. 

Ronaldo is not only the third Portugal player but also the 76th Serie A player to test positive for Covid-19, with Jose Fonte and Anthony Lopes receiving positive test results last week.

“Ronaldo first tested positive on Monday night,” said the Portuguese manager. Ronaldo was then tested again the next morning with the results being positive again. The team has been taking every precaution very seriously in order to prevent any more positive tests in the future. Ronaldo is the biggest athlete worldwide to have tested positive for Covid-19, but he remains well and is following every procedure in order to remain healthy. He is self isolated in Turin where he is being monitored by the Turin health authorities and wishes to return soon.

All soccer fans wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him out on the pitch soon, especially for the highly anticipated clash between FC Barcelona and Juventus F.C. which takes place on October 28. It will most likely be the last time the two best footballers arguably of all time, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, face each other for the Champions League group stages. 

On Monday, October 12, Cristiano posted a tweet stating “Unidos dentro e fora do campo” which translates to “United on and off the field.” His mother then posted a picture of him wearing a Portugal jersey stating, “God gives great battles to great warriors and it is one more war that you will win son.” Ronaldo has the support of everyone, love him or hate him no one wants to see someone test positive for Covid-19 and we should all appreciate his greatness while it’s here.