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Play Ball! JGHS/SEA Athletes Return

By Priscilla Cardenas

Friday, March 13, 2020. Does that date sound familiar to you, California? That was the date everything changed: the whole state, and most of the country, shut down. 

We didn’t know it then, but that would be the last day any of us students–any of us athletes– would step on campus that year. 

This shutdown is tough on everyone, but it is especially tough on the athletes like me who have been anxiously waiting to get back together with our team, back to our second families. 

My Story

An athlete all throughout high school, I played both volleyball and basketball. And like most student athletes, I dreamt of senior year.  I looked forward to being a senior and playing ball with my teammates. 

Early on, I made a promise to myself that in my senior year,  one of my teams–or hopefully both– would go to CIF.

We almost achieved that dream last year during my junior year. Both  my volleyball team and my basketball team came close. We were one volleyball game and one basketball game away from going to CIF. But we didn’t make it. My teammates and I were devastated, but we told ourselves 2021 was going to be our year. 

But COVID shattered that dream too. 


Flashforward a year later to March of 2021, and we are FINALLY getting a chance to be back on campus and back with our teams! 

Personally, I am so happy! But I am not the only one. 

“How do you feel to be back with your team and to be playing football again?” I asked Senior football player Anthony Lira. 

“It’s an amazing feeling just simply because I’m able to come back and be reunited with my teammates after a long year of being under quarantine in the whole pandemic. It’s just uplifting and brings back so much spirit to each player.”

-JGHS Football Captain Anthony Lira

Sports bring so much passion to high school campuses and allow students to build lasting relationships. 

We know our teammates are there for us during the blood, sweat, and tears of everyday practice and the wins or losses of every game too.

I am excited to be back, and I am anxious to see how the season goes for all of the sports teams this year.

We are in the fourth quarter; we are down 3 out of 4; but the game is not over. We are in this ‘til the end!

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The Christmas Blues

by Priscilla Cardenas                                          

As many of you know, Christmas Break is coming up, and Christmas is a time families get together and enjoy each other’s company. Many cadets look forward to Christmas Break because we get to spend time gathering with our family and friends. We get to enjoy the holidays by taking a break from school, not worrying about our boots being shined or our uniform being sharp. However, since Covid-19 happened cadets have not been doing their uniform, so even this Christmas joy isn’t the same.

Since we are experiencing a pandemic we can’t be around our family, especially our grandparents and family members who are more vulnerable to getting the virus. We have to continue to follow pandemic rules even during the holidays, and cadets are feeling more and more miserable as time goes on.

Now with the increase in Covid cases, we are required to minimize going out and being in large groups even more. Cadet Ssgt Melanie Carranza says, “I am very disappointed that Christmas won’t be the same as previous years. I won’t be able to see family members that I only see on special occasions. I am very bummed out that the kids won’t be able to enjoy the Christmas events the city has every year.”

Even though we are all sad and disappointed about not spending Christmas like we normally would, CFC Amya Felix reminds us,  “We still have hope. We have to stay strong. We still have each other no matter what.”