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Magical Prom-posals

By Betsy Carranza and Naidy Cuadras

What is a “prom-posal”? Zosia Bielski officially invented the phrase “promposal” in Canada in 2011. It’s more than simply a romance but it’s an event that you will hold as a special memory. A prom-posal is asking someone (it does not have to be your significant other) to be your date for the prom. It isn’t necessary for a student to take a date with them, but it is traditional for you to attend with a date. We believe that we should keep the prom-posals coming, even though it’s true that COVID has impacted students in the past but it shouldn’t hold this year’s students back from asking someone out to prom. It’s not just the date itself, it’s the thought of attending a one time event in your life that also counts.

Some may say that prom isn’t really a huge deal, but to others it’s going to be a night they have looked forward to for a long time. Prom should be an event that you always want to remember; a night that you would want to tell your future kids about some day. So how do you go about making a prom-posal? It can simply just be a note, or you can go with creating a poster and writing something cheesy such as Hey, Princess. Will you take this Beast to prom? and the background can have the characters from Beauty And The Beast. These delicately popped questions are incredibly romantic. Some extra details, like rose petal trails, can be included, but anything you decide on should involve lots of creativity if you want your prom-posal to stand out and be a success.

Prom-posals are living proof that romance still exists and it’s a trend that shouldn’t die, so go on, ask someone to prom!

Colors at Southeast Academy

By Naidy Cuadras

When Master Sergeant Schafer and Master Sergeant Allard moved to a new campus in 2009, Southeast Academy Military and Law Enforcement High School was formed. Every morning, students at the school execute a “ceremony” called Colors, in which they march to the flag pole and raise an 8 by 12 ft United States Flag. Colors are performed twice a day, in the morning and evening. Two separate groups of cadets perform this ceremony on a daily basis. Junior cadets raise the flag at the front of the school where the pole is located. This is called Junior Colors. Senior colors are performed next to the field with the 50-foot pole.

The flag pole located at the front of the school has been there since the school was established. However, the flag pole located next to the field was placed there in 2010. It is 20 feet deep, which means that it can withstand hurricane winds so it is well designed to remain in place and not be a hazard during a storm. To make this new flagpole significant, before the pavement was in place, Master Sergeant Allard and Master Sergeant Schafer threw in two Master Sergeant ranks and a Southeast Academy coin. Additionally, the roses that surround the pole are in tribute to Master Sergeant Allard’s mother. She loved roses, especially white and red, which is why the flagpole’s border was designed this way.

The flagpole not only has a special meaning to both Master Sergeants, but to the cadets at the school who stand quietly at the position of attention when colors go off.  The afternoon ceremony is a reminder to the cadets that another day has passed. It is a quiet event which encourages unity among the cadets. The ceremony allows students to take the time to remember its meaning- that there are many people who have fought for and are fighting for our country. The Colors Ceremony is more than an everyday event: it is one of our most symbolic acts.