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Making Chocolate Dipped Strawberries for Valentine’s Day

By Marleane Trujillo

If you want to make a simple & special treat for Valentine’s Day, here is what you need:

  • Strawberries
  • Chocolate bar or chocolate chips
  • A bowl

How to make it:

  1. Warm the chocolate in a bowl by putting it in the microwave for 2 minutes, or until it is melted and hot. Stir it every once in a while so it doesn’t stick to the bowl.
  2. While the chocolate is melting, wash the strawberries and tap them with a paper towel to dry them. They need to be very dry for the chocolate to stick.
  3. The chocolate needs to be hot and should be good to dip the strawberries in, quickly one-by-one.
  4. Put the chocolate-dipped strawberries on a plate with wax paper and decorate them with sprinkles if you want to.
  5. Put the strawberries in the fridge for a day to get the chocolate shell nice and firm before you eat them.
  6. Enjoy!

Self Love is the Best Love: Winter Skin Care Guide

The Best Skin Care and Self-Care Products for the Holiday Season

By Destiny Padilla & Marleane Trujillo

As winter makes its appearance, it is important to prioritize yourself and take care of your body. At the top of your Christmas list should be spoiling yourself. 

For this month’s “Self Love is the Best Love,” we want you to take care of your skin. Here are the most popular recommended seasonal skin care and self-care products:

1. Tree Hut Frosted Sugar Cookie Shea Sugar Scrub

This product is amazing! It feels so good and makes your body feel nice, even when it’s cold it keeps its smell. Definitely worth buying.


2. Tree Hut Frosted Cranberry Shea Sugar Scrub

Tree Hut Frosted Cranberry smells really good and makes your body smooth. It gives a good boost to your shower routine.

3. Bath and Body Works Snowflakes and Cashmere Body Lotion 

We recommend Bath and Body Works’ Snowflake and Cashmere Body Lotion because they are both good combinations. Snowflake is really popular out there right now and smells really good, while the cashmere scent leaves you smelling  and feeling classy.

4. Yankee Candle’s Movie Night Cocoa

Yankee Candle makes a “Movie Night Cocoa” candle, which we love not only because it smells pretty but also because it makes you calm when you put it on at night.

 5. Burt’s Bees Vanilla Bean Lip Balm

Burt’s Bees Vanilla Bean Lip Balm is highly recommended because it feels good and makes your lips smooth. And since it is cold out, your lips won’t be chapped.

During the holiday season remember that life is too short to not treat yourself. Do something nice for YOU, simply because you deserve it. You deserve every ounce of happiness and love that is given to you, embrace and treasure the appreciation for yourself.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to take care of your precious soul and body. In the time of gift giving, luxuries may seem like the best option, but giving someone the gift of having you in their life is just as valuable as the riches.