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Kids over 16 can now get the Covid-19 Vaccine

By Mario & Mathew Ruiz

Teens are now able to get the Covid-19 vaccine. With all states now starting to open slowly, vaccination eligibility to residents 16 and up, these teens are among the latest groups trying to get the vaccine. Children as well as teens tend to get mild cases of Covid-19, though some have gotten very ill, and have even died from the virus. So by getting vaccinated it can help protect them. Vaccinating these younger populations will help limit the spread of the virus, as proven by the experts.

To my knowledge, many teenagers want to get vaccinated to be able to go out more and keep themselves safe. WIth the reopening of many schools, graduation being around the corner, some health officials are reminding the teenagers about how they may be at lower risk of Covid-19. Many parents want their kids to get vaccinated but others are unsure so it is both-sided. The plan is to get millions of people vaccinated so the rates can drop and everything can go back to normal again. Well, that has already begun. Disneyland has reopened, as well as Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags, Universal Studios and many other attractions starting to reopen with precautions. 

When teenagers were first eligible to get vaccinated, over 2,000 kids got the shot in the third phase among those who have received it and have no side effects. It has been said that 12-15 year olds produced higher levels of antibodies on average than older teens and adults. So far, it has been successful for the vaccinations on these kids. But everybody’s body is different and they can also react to things differently. Results of further data are being expected in the second half of the year.

Second Semester Tips: How Can You Re-focus and Stay Organized?

By Mario Ruiz

Learning how to stay organized, stay focused, and get things done are must-haves when it comes to school. This can help you in many ways, by achieving your goals, and getting good grades for the semester. The more you practice, the better you get.

Getting Organized

What you want to do when it comes to getting better grades is to organize your stuff. Being organized makes everything so much better. It helps you work way faster, and it will not waste your time when you have to look for your stuff. Keep your work and assignments organized by a subject. If it helps you more, keep your work in a binder.

Organize Your Space

What you need to better focus yourself is to be at a good workspace, but make sure it is quiet enough to focus. What I recommend is to work at a desk, or at a table where you can put your things and spread out your work. Make sure you also have a place where you can focus more quickly. Put some earphones on, and listen to peaceful music. This will help relax the body, and will clear your mind to help you better focus yourself.

Organize your time

Buy a planner, or even make your own planner at home to keep track of assignment due dates and times that the teacher gives, or even for things you need to do outside of school. Write down all of your assignments for the subject, and make sure to always write down when they are due. Mark dates for when you have tests; this will help a lot. But you also want to study for them. Don’t do things at the last minute because you will spend more time trying to do that assignment. But one main thing to prepare for any sort of test is to study!

Getting Focused 

The biggest things to avoid are distractions. What I have learned is that when i’m multitasking, I tend to be less focused. Some people concentrate better when it’s quiet. Or others listen to music in the background to help them focus. Take breaks in between. Taking short 5-minute breaks can help your mind. Get up, stretch, and move from your desk or table. Motivate yourself. Motivating yourself will make you want to work harder, and it will make you want to accomplish more of your goals.

Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Make a calendar of things and when they are due.
  • Make a note of your assignment deadlines.
  • Know the expectations of you and your teachers.
  • Take breaks. Trust me, it will help you!
  • Don’t do your work at the last minute–you will struggle.
  • Have the proper materials organized.

Mario Ruiz

Mario Ruiz is a senior at John Glenn High School. He lives in Norwalk with his brother, his little dog, and his two parents. He likes to play board games, play loteria, and likes to take walks on the beach. In his free time, he loves listening to music, loves spending time with his family, and he loves to travel. His favorite news sources include The Los Angeles Times, CNN, and ABCNews.

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Easy recipes that take 30 minutes or less

By Mario Ruiz

Tired of making recipes that take a long time? Here is a recipe that takes less than 30 minutes! An easy and quick recipe that you can make in under 30 minutes is chocolate chip pancakes! All you need is Aunt Jemima pancake mix, a little container to put the batter in and you add water.

Look at the instructions that are located on the box for an exact measuring of how much pancake mix, and how much water you need, depending on how many pancakes you want to make. But make sure to follow the instructions carefully.

Next you want to mix carefully. Make sure to keep on adding water to make sure it doesn’t have any lumps. Let the mix sit for a couple of minutes.

Next you can start adding the chocolate chips. I personally like the chocolate chips in my pancakes because they add an extra kick that makes it so much better. Once your pan or griddle is hot, make sure to add butter and spread it around so the pancakes don’t stick.

Put your pancake mix in the pan and let it sit for about 2 minutes on each side. Grab your spatula and flip the pancake after those 2 minutes have passed. Now you can serve the pancake on your plate and add syrup for a better taste. Enjoy!

Seasonal drinks to order from Starbucks

By Mario Ruiz

Going to Starbucks and want to order a fall drink? I’ve got the right one for you! A popular fall drink that has been going around TikTok is the Pumpkin Cold Foam Cold Brew and is just under 75 calories.

You want to ask for a Grande Cold Foam Brew, one pump pumpkin sauce in the cold foam, 3 pumps of sugar free vanilla syrup in the cold brew. Another optional thing you can ask for in your drink is a splash of cream or any type of milk. Make sure to try it if you are a pumpkin person!

Another popular drink to order in the fall is a Tall Skinny Vanilla Latte. What you want to ask for is almond milk, substitute 1 pump of sugar free vanilla for sugar free cinnamon dolce. Ask for cinnamon and nutmeg to be steamed into the milk. This is a type of iced coffee that you can order at Starbucks and it is under $3! Enjoy!