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Have You Heard of MF Doom?

The death of a legend

By Johnny Barraza

Underground rapper MF DOOM’s death caught all of his fans by surprise. His family announced his death at the beginning of this year, but what really shocked everyone is that he’s been dead since October 31. He was only 49. The cause of his death has not been disclosed, so it remains a mystery to his fans.

Metal Face Doom was known by many for two things: the first being the secrecy of his personal life and the other being his love for music. He was able to rap and make it seem effortless. 

Doom was famous for his lyricism and ability to use the beats he produced to his advantage. It was as if he manipulated the music to fit his desires.

Doom’s two most loved projects are Madvilliany and Mm.. Food. They each portrayed a story filled with great detail and featuring double-meaning wordplay. 

This guy was truly a talented artist who didn’t get the recognition he deserved, and he left this world far too soon.

The Weeknd “Snagged” of Grammy Nomination

by Johnny Barraza

The annual Grammy nominations have been released, and people have been left in shock: the infamous music artist The Weeknd wasn’t nominated for any categories!  

After dropping his fifth studio album in March, Weeknd’s After Hours sold about 440,000 units in its first week. One song from this album “Blinding Lights,” has spent a whole entire YEAR on the Hot 100! This on its own is an amazing accomplishment, and it ranks Top 10 for a record, extending for its 41st week. 

The Weeknd was also number one on Complex’s Top 50 albums of the year. And if accolades like these weren’t enough, the songs within the album speak for themselves. After Hours contains a complicated story showing struggles with love and turning to drugs. The album is one whole narrative that can be compared to a well-written movie. 

Beloved by fans, After Hours is undoubtedly the artist’s best album yet. It makes one wonder why he was snubbed. Fans have every right to be outraged.

SEA Chick-fil-A Fundraiser a Success

by Johnny Barraza 

During a recent October Chick-fil-a fundraiser–sponsored by the Southeast Academy Booster Club–staff, cadets, and families were all invited to eat, see friends, and support the school. Thanks to the Booster Club, who were set up in the restaurant parking lot, the event was a great success, raising over $400 for our school.

For the first time in a long while, cadets were able to see friends that they haven’t been able to see. One cadet said it was so great to see a friend he hadn’t seen since quarantine, and he shared how this event was a great idea.

Both MSgt. Allard and MSgt. Schafer attended the event. Personally, I found it motivating seeing MSgt. Allard at the fundraiser talking to students and supporting the school. Another cadet said he really appreciated seeing them both there because it motivated him too.

Parents also commented about what a great sight it was to see these two SEA leaders. They said that they admired their dedication and commitment, and that they hoped to plan more events like this in the near future.