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Homecoming Dance 2022: Destination Homecoming

By Adriana Zaragoza

Last Friday, October 21, was John Glenn High School’s first 2022-2023 school dance, the annual Homecoming Dance that took place the day after the Homecoming Game vs Artesia High School.

Homecoming Queen for 2022 is Stany Hernandez and the Homecoming King is Manny Sigala.

Let me just say, it was definitely a dance to remember. The dance was themed “Destination” and was held at our own football stadium. There were multiple photo opportunities featuring backdrops from different exotic areas around the world. We were also served dinner, had a professional photo booth, a henna artist, and an open area for outside games and dancing.

Let’s start with the photo opportunities. The photobooth was super fun, you got three poses and two printed-out pictures. I believe the only downside was the lag in the camera, causing some pictures to mess up, which some students were upset about. Besides that, all the photo areas were super cute!

We were served tacos for dinner, offering full plates and even sides. Overall the food was a 6/10. Although super filling and various options were served, many students mentioned the temperature of the food being slightly cold, and not having an authentic taco taste. Dessert was also provided, and gone SUPER QUICKLY. There were different cupcakes and some brownies. Lastly, the drinks served were adequate. We felt we could’ve used some more options. 

Now I don’t have much to say on the henna artist provided. Not only was the line incredibly long to get henna, many people were unsatisfied with the fact that the henna designs only lasted that night, fading after less than 24 hours.

The outside games, and especially the dancing made the night, however. The DJ took a little while to get used to, since she wasn’t really taking our requests or playing any banda, Spanish, or corridos, and MANY students wanted Latin music. Once we got comfortable, everyone got into it. All students from every grade level were dancing, dance circles were made, and some seniors even started the snake around the stadium. Special shout out to seniors Pablo Acosta, Edgar Medel, Cristian Mendez, Ismael Alberto, Giovanni Martinez, and Andrew Donis for getting the party started! Overall, it was a great night that brought us all together. I’ve never seen so much school spirit.