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Return to School Opinion: What Choice Would You Make?

by Eliza Rodrigueza

School is a big part of a student’s life and it will prepare them for adulthood, but since 2020 students have been in distant learning and taking classes over Zoom. If given the option to go back on campus, I wanted to see what the students would choose, so I created a Google survey and asked students to participate. 

My question was simple, If high schools were to open again and you were given two options to choose from: (1) going back on campus, or, (2) staying home and continuing to do distance learning, which one would you choose?

Out of the fifty students who responded to the survey, the results were pretty close. 52% said they would opt to return to campus while 48% stated they would remain home.

When asked about her choice to continue distance learning, Cadet Paula Huerta stated,  

“I personally do not think it is safe enough to go back. My dad is very prone to getting sick and it could be very risky. The vaccine is out but it doesn’t mean it is a cure.”

Personally, I agree with what Huerta has said because it is not yet safe to go back to school even if the vaccine has been released.

Cadet second class Briana Guvara shared that, “Yes I would go back on campus because distance learning is very distracting.”

Staff Sergeant Mia Martinez states, “I would like to go back on campus because I need to get out of the house. And because I miss seeing my friends even if we are conversing from 6 feet apart.” It’s easy to understand that students miss seeing their friends. 

Those wanting to return to school have valid reasons. The distractions at home can really get in the way of learning, and all of us miss socializing with friends. 

What to Consider?

In January, Harvard Health Publishing released information on the Coronavirus Outbreak, and it stated that younger kids can get COVID-19 too. 

Still, Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District just reopened elementary schools beginning Monday, March 29th. But unfortunately, there has been no vaccine released for younger children under the age of 16.

Therefore, I don’t believe that it is safe to send them back to school; younger kids are very naive, and they do not always listen to what adults tell them to do. They may not wear their masks. They may share them with friends.  If it is not safe for high school students, why would they send little kids to go back to school? 

Just because a vaccine was released there are still many possibilities where it can go wrong and turn out for the worst. 

UC Davis and WebMD both published articles that share why many people are still hesitant to take the vaccine.

The decision about whether or not it is safe and advisable to return to school remains quite controversial. 

If you were given the option, which would you choose? Sound off in our comments section.

TV Review: The Guest

Horror show will make you shiver

By Eliza Rodrigueza

Netflix has a new Korean show called The Guest. It takes place in South Korea and will get you hooked on the very first episode. Of course, that may not happen if you’re not a fan of horror.

Heaven of Horror explains the opening of the show this way: “In episode 1 of The Guest, the three main characters are introduced. First, we meet them as kids as we essentially witness how their lives end up being shaped by brutal events in their childhood.” You soon see them as adults. One is a psychic taxi driver who was born into a long line of shaman, one is a Catholic priest, and the third is a detective who is following in her mother’s footsteps.

Although at first the action and events in The Guest may seem slow moving, the more you watch, the more addicting it becomes. Give episode one about twenty minutes, and then WATCH OUT!

So far, there is only one season on Netflix, but all sixteen episodes contain situations that will leave shivers running down your spine!

Warning: This show is not meant for young children. It contains bloody and terrifying subject matter.

Film Review: Why Coraline is a Good Movie

by Eliza Rodrigueza

Coraline is about a young girl named Coraline Jones who moves into a house called the Pink Palace. The Pink Palace was originally a single house but was made into an apartment after strange events took place with the previous owners. 

The movie is known for a wide range of reasons. First, it is often considered a scary movie, but this is mostly because it is watched by young children. Some other reasons include the weird character known as The Other Mother, the fact that all of the characters have buttons for eyes,  and the use of a tunnel to this “perfect” world.

The Other Mother is supposed to be this monster or “other being” that leads children to believe that they have another set of parents, and she gives them all their desires and affection they want. However, the children must sew buttons to replace their actual eyes in order to stay there. In reality, the children are trapped and never return home.

Coraline is the only child who was ever able to escape. She did this by trapping The Other Mother in her own world. Through the course of the movie, Coraline learns that nothing is more important than the things she has now, including her own parents.

I also learned that lesson by watching how sad and alone Coraline felt when her parents had been trapped by The Other Mother. I’ve watched this movie many times growing up and it’s still my absolute favorite!

Coraline is a movie that teaches you an important life lesson. If you pay close attention to the characters’ actions and the storyline, it teaches you gratitude and about why you should be grateful for what you have.

While it may seem scary to some, if you watch and try to understand the concept of the storyline, things make more sense, and it becomes much more enjoyable.

Coraline is an amazing movie!