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JGHS Blood Drive

By Daniela Galindo 

JGHS’ blood drive was a success, with almost 70 students donating blood. It would not have been possible without the Red Cross nurses and volunteers from CSF and AVID club. While students and staff waited for their turn to donate, they were given some snacks, including juice/milk, croissants, fruits, granola bars, and more. To make the students feel less anxious, calm music was playing, and they were well taken care of by nurses. They were also gifted a shirt when they donated.

 “It’s a good thing students are donating” says Daniela Reyna, one of the volunteers that made this possible. She is a student from Vanguard University where she is studying nursing, and she is grateful for the students from JGHS who donated because every day she sees how patients constantly need the blood. Just knowing and seeing those who donated she feels relieved.

CSF Advisor and ELA instructor Mrs. Cynthia Johnson added that she feels proud seeing her students donating. “It’s a great thing; you never know when you need it.” She also added the fact that, “One pint of blood can save 3 lives!” It sure was helpful having those students donate.

I talked with a junior named Stany Hernandez, who said, “If you get a chance, do it. And do it because it comes from the heart.” Jessica Gomez, who is a senior, told me how she felt towards this situation, proceeding to say, “It’s really good because after the pandemic more people need it. It’s so good students are doing this. When there’s an opportunity, take it.”

I couldn’t agree more with my fellow classmates. Students are saving lives and they probably don’t even know. If you didn’t have the opportunity to donate, in March 2022 we will be having our next blood drive.

Club Rush Day a Success

By Daniela Galindo

JGHS had an energetic and festive day on Thursday, September 15 thanks to Club Rush Day, which gathered students in the quad. A total of 13 clubs participated, some of which offered snacks when you joined the club or when you followed them on social media, such as the Key Club which gave out lollipops, AVID and CSF clubs which gave delicious chocolate, and the Journalism Club which handed out chips.

If you have strong opinions you should consider joining the Debate Club; or if you are looking to get community hours, CSF, AVID, and Key Club can help you with that. Joining a club will make your High School experiences unforgettable. In the clubs you can meet people that have the same interests as you, for example the Anime Club. 

During the event, Mr. Wroten played an important role as the DJ. Thanks to him, it was a very energetic event. Students were singing to the songs whether they were at the club tables or having lunch somewhere else in the school. It would have been sad to hear the bell ring, meaning the club rush had come to an end, but the DJ made the great decision to play “El Caballo Dorado,” a song that everyone knows and dances at parties. It didn’t matter what everyone was doing because they stopped to dance to this song, students were happy to see Dr. Padilla and other staff members take part in this dance.

(Photos by Mr. Higgins)

CSF Round-Up

By Edmund Shryock

A small group of CSF members represented John Glenn by helping pick up trash in Huntington Beach in a beach clean-up event on April 24. CSF members had also gathered donations that consisted of Dawn detergent and trash bags. The donations that they gathered were given to the Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center in Huntington Beach, which provides care for animals that are affected by trash or are lost.

Of the trash that was collected that day there was a shovel, balloons, bottle caps, paper, and food wrappers. The bottle caps were the most dangerous object to the wildlife that resides in the wetlands as they can become lodged in their throats. Special thanks go out to Lizbeth Ruano, Nicholas Forquer, Cynthia Gomez, Dante Rojas and family, my mother Yvonne Shryock who had to be the designated driver, Mrs. Kennedy, and Mrs. Johnson, and all members who woke up early and helped make a difference!

In a separate event, CSF raised $415 dollars in their Chick-fil-a fundraiser on Wednesday, April 28. This was double the amount made in the first fundraiser back in October 2020. As the night went on, we had many cars in the drive-thru recognize our school and organization and were delighted to help.

This money will be used to help pay for events within CSF and help honor the seniors and their academic success through their time at John Glenn. A special thank you to Chick-fil-a who allowed us to fundraise. Also to CSF members Diana Vaca, Issac Santos, Lizbeth Ruano, and Mrs. Johnson for their hard work and dedication to the success of our student scholars.

Angel Tree and Gold Angels for CSF

By Ximena Cabrera

Norwalk Social Services will be hosting its annual Angel Tree event on December 12th at City Hall, with the help of different individuals and organizations including CSF. The California Scholarship Federation, better known as CSF, is one of the oldest honor societies that recognizes and encourages academic achievement as well as community service to high school students in California.

According to The Salvation Army, the Angel Tree Program is a project that provides Christmas gifs for children ages 0-12 years old who otherwise would not receive any gifts at Christmas. There had been speculations that the project would be canceled this year due to COVID-19, but Norwalk Social Services recently revealed that the event is still happening–they will just have to do it differently given the circumstances we find ourselves in. To keep everyone safe, they started by announcing that it would be a drive through event and people will not be able to volunteer this year, but they can still help by buying gold or dollar angels. The gold angels are $20, and each angel buys clothing for one child. Meanwhile, the money from the “Dollar Angels” is used to buy toys for children in need.

This year, CSF bought five gold angels, and sold 40 more to the staff of John Glenn High School. The staff of John Glenn High School, along with CSF have been supporting the Angel Tree Program for many years now.

If you would like to support the Angel Tree Program, please contact our CSF advisors, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Kennedy at: cjonhson@nlmusd.org. and ckennedy@nlmusd.org.

(pictured above: Angel Tree volunteers from Christmas 2019)