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Margaret’s Place and Domestic Violence Awareness Week

By Leslie Cardenas

To recognize Domestic Violence Awareness Month this October, Margaret’s Place and its Peer Leaders conducted a school-wide campaign at JGHS this week, which included activities that were designed to empower students to get involved in ending the cycle of violence and promoting healthy relationships.

Each day, Margaret’s Place and its Peer Leaders hosted many activities during lunch time. On Monday, Margaret’s Place Peer Leaders tabled in the quad during lunch to encourage students to participate in our interactive mural. The interactive mural consists of responses to prompts on how to stand up, speak out, and make a change against domestic violence.

On Tuesday, Peer Leaders tabled in the quad once again, this time passing out tip cards and information on DV. On Wednesday, a trivia game was hosted inside Margaret’s Place (room 303). The trivia game helped students learn more about DV and how to get help. Students were invited to come to Margaret’s Place on Thursday to create art and writing around DV awareness and healthy relationships. This art may be submitted to be on a Margaret’s Place zine that will be distributed electronically to all Margaret’s Places in L.A. and NYC. Finally on Friday, students were encouraged to wear purple to honor domestic violence awareness.

Margaret’s Place offers individual and group therapy with our counselor Mrs. Lara. Margaret’s Place is a safe space for anyone and everyone to join. Room 303 is open during snack or lunch. Every Monday, Mrs. Lara hosts “Mindful Mondays” where students can learn about being mindful.

Domestic Violence affects an estimated 10 million people every year in the United States alone. As many as one in four women and one in nine men are victims of domestic violence.

Physical abuse is often the first thing people think of when they hear domestic violence, although that is not always the case. Abuse by immigration status, emotional, sexual, technological, and financial abuse are all types of abuse that are often used in abusive relationships. Many abusers hold power and control over their victims.

Power and control is when an abusive partner uses abusive tactics to keep their partner in a relationship. For example, if person A in a relationship is an undocumented immigrant, person B may use that to control the person by threatening to call immigration officials if person A makes an attempt at leaving the relationship. This is just one of the many ways an abuser might hold power and control over someone.

If you or anyone you know need support of any kind or think you are currently in an abusive relationship, speak to our Margaret’s Place counselor Mrs. Lara in room 303. If you prefer to call or text someone please use the resources provided below.


National DV – (800) 799-SAFE(7233)

National Suicide Prevention – (800) 273-8255

Love Is Respect – (866) 331-9474

Chat lines:

National DV chat line – Text “Start” to 88788

Love Is Respect – Text “Loveis” to 22522

Community Schools Update: Food Drive

By Edmund Shryock

District members, school officials, and volunteers from both John Glenn and SEA, gathered together in association with Community Schools on Thursday, November 18, kicking off John Glenn High School’s first Food Drive.

Starting at around 3 pm, numerous cars were already lined up to receive food. The John Glenn Community Schools program teamed up with Norwalk city officials and public safety distributing bags alongside the food boxes. 300 boxes were ready to be given to families. 

As the cars pulled into the school, they were all given the opportunity to sign up for the CalFresh program. This would provide families with monthly nutritional food needs. The event started at 4 pm and lasted until 6 pm.

All 300 boxes were successfully distributed to families in need. The success of this event has encouraged The Community Schools program to do another food drive in the spring. 

  Through this event, John Glenn was able to help families–not just in Norwalk, but in neighboring cities too. Special thanks to all the volunteers and staff that helped support Community Schools as they change the lives of others.

Community Schools


You might have seen all the new activities being offered at John Glenn, like the new Margaret’s Place set up in Room 303, and the reorganization of the 300 building to be exclusive to counseling services. Our school has teamed up with the Los Angeles County Office of Education to become a Community School.

Community Schools like ours get access to new outlets of support for students and their parents and families, such as counseling and wellbeing centers. As a Community School, our professionals help families with COVID-19 testing and vaccination information, assistance for homelessness and hunger, tenant’s rights and housing rights, Medicare/Medical assistance, property tax and financial questions, funeral assistance, and so much more.

One exciting idea is the potential opening of an Eagles xChange Store, a thrift store concept whereby students can both donate items of need like clothing and also purchase items they need. All proceeds would go toward helping the Community School. Students can even volunteer to work in the Eagles xChange Store. Plans are currently in development.

If students would like to get involved in spreading awareness about or volunteering for Community Schools, they should contact Ms. Frances Valdez at F.Valdez@nlmusd.org or call (562) 390-0780 to ask about joining the Student Advisory Council, where students and parents alike are able to input their opinion and change the school in a positive way. There is a link to the Community School resources located on our school website, JGHS.org, and you can follow the JGHS/SEA Parent Partnership Center on Instagram @jgseaparentpartnershipcenter.