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Should colleges require students to be vaccinated?

By Monse Juarez

The decision has been made by several colleges and universities across the country: students will be required to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Some exemptions from this requirement include religious and medical reasons. Aside from the exemptions, there has been pushback by Republicans and even from parents of students. However, the majority of students have not tried to fight the decision at which colleges have arrived. It is clear that different groups have formed their own opinions about the Covid-19 vaccine, however the real question is: Should colleges require students to be vaccinated?

To answer this question, society must first consider if it is actually legal for colleges to set this requirement. According to Harvard Law Professor, Glenn Cohen, colleges aren’t exactly breaking any laws. On the other hand, there aren’t any laws that explicitly say it is allowed. The Covid-19 vaccination roll-out for college students has been controversial for this very reason. The law doesn’t explicitly forbid or allow college institutions from setting vaccination requirements. In reality, the pushback comes from individual states that have decided to ban Covid-19 regulations like masks and vaccinations.

Clearly, Covid-19 vaccinations are needed to make sure that people are safe. So in reality the Covid-19 vaccination requirement that has been implemented by several colleges across the country, is not exactly illegal. Some colleges already require that students receive flu shots, and all public schools require vaccinations for things like MMR and chickenpox. So the Covid-19 vaccination requirement is actually not as far-fetched as some may believe.

Senior College Commitments: Congrats class of 2021!

By Aideth Palacios

Congratulations to our Seniors who have shared with us their college commitments! We are extremely proud of the hard work you guys have put in to accomplish such an important milestone. Whichever path you have decided to take, we wish you the best of luck and hope to see you guys accomplish your dreams.

With that being said, the class of 2021 wraps up our senior year and heads to a new path as college freshman. Congratulations once again, and go conquer the world, Seniors–CLASS OF 2021!

-Nancy Alejo; Diane Rayo; Daisy Chiquito; Lizbeth Reyes; Samantha De Avila; Andrea Arias; Meegan Mirasol; Kimberly Perez; Aideth Palacios; Reyna Perez; Hermaione Sanchez; Celeste Cruz 
Flor Castillo; Jacob Hernandez; Ximena Cabrera; Nicholas Forquer
Daysi Castillo; Andrea Charro; Andrea Gonzalez; Destiny Perez; Valeria Rodriguez;  
Alyssa Chavez; Arlett Renteria
Monserrat Juarez
Karina Flores
Ashley Manzano
Mary Torres; Mathew Ruiz
Jimena Urena
Valery Montinola; Fatima Castillo
Evelin Garcia
Heidi Olmedo; Mario Ruiz
Dante Rojas; Andrea Alaniz; Gabriela Reyes; Jessalyn Sierra; Herbert Diaz; Karizma Magaña; Kaitlin Molina; Maria Arleth Vilanova; Sergio Velez; Sofia Mancilla; Ethan Jimenez
Anthony Lira
California State University, Northridge - WikipediaRafael Valdez
Temple University student from Lancaster struck, killed by vehicle in  Philadelphia | Local News | lancasteronline.comCaleb Tzic
American College of Healthcare Sciences - WikipediaFrankie L. Aleman
National Polytechnic College Review - Universities.comKaitlyn Rose Landeros

COVID Can’t Stop Your Future

by Amya Felix, Student Life Editor

Every senior wants to remember their last year of high school, but the class of 2021 has it rough. 

The senior class hasn’t spent one day on campus together this school year. They haven’t had the opportunity to make lasting memories together as a graduating class.  And the high ranking SEA seniors haven’t had the chance to personally mentor and encourage the younger up-and-coming leaders on campus. 

As March comes to a close without a clear answer on whether or not school will resume on campus, it’s looking less likely that the class of 2021 will get those opportunities at all this year.

However, as much as the pandemic has taken away from them during their last two high school years, it won’t steal away their bright futures.  So, we’re taking this time to recognize their accomplishments and celebrate their future plans. They deserve that much. 

Let’s give a BIG SHOUT OUT to our amazing SEA seniors (and some of our JG senior peers too) who have received college acceptance letters and to those choosing either the community college or military path.  Note: The following list does not represent the entire senior class; however, it does include all of the seniors who responded to our survey.

College Path

  • Cynthia Almanzar – CSULA, CSULB, CSUPoly, CSUF, CSUDH
  • Gerardo Vera Barajas- CSULB, UCI
  • Jael Benitez – CSUPoly ; CSU Northridge, CSULB
  • Melanie Carranza – CSU Poly,  CSUDH 
  • Hailey Coliz – Penn State, San Diego State
  • Brieana Flores – Cerritos College 
  • Silvia Herrera – CSU Channel Islands, Cerritos College 
  • Edward Lozano – CSUDH
  • Shaianne Mak – Cerritos College 
  • Gisell Martin – CSULB,  CSUS, CSUDH
  • Alejandra Mireles – Cerritos College 
  • Alondra Miranda – East LA Community College
  • Angelica Moreno – Cerritos College  
  • Angelica Nieto – UC Merced, CSUPoly, CSULB, CSUF, Cerritos College
  • Matthew Ramirez – Cerritos College 
  • Vanessa Ramos – Cerritos College
  • Oswaldo Rodriguez – Cerritos College
  • Valeria Rodríguez – CSUDH
  • Tanya Rubi – Cerritos College
  • Diana Ruiz – Fresno State, CSUDH, CSUF and GCU 
  • Isaiah Saavedra – Cerritos College
  • Chanmarafine Som – UC Berkeley 
  •  Kushal Tavva – CSUPoly,  UCSC, UC Merced, UCR, UCI, UC Berkeley 
  • Carson Torres – CSUSM
  • Mia Veran -CSUSM and Cerritos College 

Military Path

  • Priscilla Cardenas – United States Marine Corps 
  • Joseph Felix – United States Marine Corps 
  • Johnathan Hernandez – United States Marine Corps 
  • Daniel Nava – United States Air Force
  • Matthew Ortiz –  United States Marine Corps 
  • Melissa Rizo – United States Navy 
  • Anthony Viramonte – United States Marine Corps

Congratulations to Our UC-Bound Eagles

By Aideth Palacios

Hello John Glenn Eagles, 

We have made it through March, and it’s now time that UC’s have notified students of their acceptances. We have other students who have also shared where it is that they would like to attend, but their decisions aren’t final. Many are still waiting for their FAFSA or perhaps another school they had in mind. On the following list, however, I’m proud to congratulate many of our seniors, who have shared their UC acceptances with me:


Monserrat Juarez

UC Irvine

Heidi Olmedo

Valery Montinola

Fatima Castillo

UC Merced

Andrea Arias

UC Santa Cruz

Andrea Gonzalez

Alyssa Chavez

Jacob Hernandez

Arlett Renteria

Ximena Cabrera 

UC Riverside

Monserrat Juarez 

Alyssa Chavez

Jacob Hernandez

Ashley Manzano

Destiny Perez

Valery Montinola

Fatima Castillo

UC San Diego 

Aideth Palacios 

Karina Flores

Heidi Olmedo

Monserrat Juarez

Valery Montinola

Jimena Urena

Andrea Arias

UC Santa Barbara 

Alyssa Chavez

Karina Flores

Arlett Renteria

Keanna Elisaldez

Natalie Luna

Fatima Castillo 

UC Berkeley

Karina Flores

Valery Montinola

UC Davis

Heidi Olmedo 

Keanna Elisaldez

Andrea Arias 

We are anxiously waiting for our students to now commit to their dream college! With that being said, we are closely getting to the finish line and we are almost there, just a few months away from attending our dream schools. I’m proud to say that we have all worked hard for this day to come, and we are excited to see a new beginning.

I would like to introduce some words of our John Glenn seniors:

“I’m most likely going to commit to UC Berkeley. I want to become a pediatrician because I feel like I have a great connection with kids.”

-Karina Flores

“I have committed to Cal State Long Beach, and I chose to major in criminology to become a forensic investigator. After that I would like to go to law school to become a lawyer. I’m choosing to pursue this career because I want to bring justice to the country.”

-Daisy Chiquito

“I am like 97% sure that I will commit to UC Santa Barbara. I would like to become a veterinarian technician because I love animals and I want to be of help to them.”

-Arlett Renteria

“I haven’t completely made my decision yet, but I will most likely go to Cal State Dominguez Hills. I applied for business in marketing. I chose this because I like working with others and also because math is my strong suit, so I feel that business is a good fit for me.”

-Flor Castillo

Congratulations Seniors: Class of ‘21 College Bound

By Aideth Palacios

Hello John Glenn Staff and Students. On behalf of the Shoemaker Bugle, I would like to take a moment to congratulate the class of 2021! We have made it through the first semester with all this chaos and we have entered a new phase in our lives. We are all taking a new step towards adulthood, and I’m honored to celebrate this special moment with all of you.

As we all know, college acceptance letters have been rolling in and I would like to say that we are extremely proud of everyone! Our class has been stolen of a year that should’ve been filled with memories and happiness, but we have managed to get through it. We are strong, we are powerful, and we will succeed!

Many do not understand the struggles we are going through or have faced this year just to get to where we are right now. But I place myself in all your shoes, seniors, to tell you that I understand. I understand the struggle–which is why I am here today to congratulate you all and honor your hard work. No matter what path you have decided to take, we honor your hard work and respect your decisions. Many have chosen to go straight to work, or to a community college, private university, vocational school, Cal State University or a UC, and we are very proud of you for all your accomplishments.

I would like to name some students that have shared with us their college acceptances and to once again honor their hard work and dedication this year.

  • Nancy Alejo- Cal State Long Beach
  • Katherine Ambriz- Cal State San Marcos
  • Andrea Alaniz- Cerritos College
  • Andrea Arias- Cal State Fullerton, CSU Channel Islands, Cal State Long Beach, Humboldt State University
  • Ximena Cabrera- Cal State LA, Cal State Fullerton, Cal Poly Pomona, Cal State Long Beach
  • Daysi Castillo- Cal State LA, Cal State Dominguez Hills
  • Flor Castillo- Cal State LA, Cal State Dominguez Hills
  • Andrea Charro- Cal State Dominguez Hills, Cal State Long Beach
  • Alyssa Chavez- Chico State, Channel Islands
  • Daisy Chiquito- Cal State Dominguez Hills, Cal State Long Beach, Cal Poly Pomona 
  • Celeste Cruz- Cal State LA, Cal State Long Beach
  • Samantha De Avila- Cal State LA, Cal State Long Beach, Cal State Dominguez Hills
  • Herbert Diaz- Cal State LA, Cal State Dominguez Hills
  • Karina Flores- Cal State Dominguez Hills, Cal State Long Beach, Cal State Fullerton, Cal State LA
  • Kassandra Flores- Cal State LA
  • Nicholas Forquer- Cal State Fullerton
  • Andrea Gonzalez- Cal State LA, Cal State Dominguez Hills, Cal State Long Beach
  • Stephanie Hernandez- Cal State East Bay, Sonora State
  • Monserrat Juarez- Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Dominguez Hills, Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Long Beach, Cal Poly Pomona
  • Anthony Lira- Cal State Long Beach
  • Natalie Luna- Cal State LA, Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Long Beach
  • Ashley Manzano- Cal State LA, Cal State Dominguez Hills
  • Meegan Mirasol- Cal State LA, Cal State Dominguez Hills 
  • Kaitlin Molina- Cal State LA, Channel Islands
  • Valery Montinola- San Diego State, Cal State Long Beach, Cal Poly Pomona
  • Evelyn Ordaz- Cal State LA
  • Aideth Palacios- Cal State LA & Cal State Bakersfield
  • Destiny Perez- Cal State LA, CSU Channel Islands, Cal State Dominguez Hills
  • Reyna Perez- Cal State Dominguez Hills, Cal State Long Beach
  • Arlett Renteria- Chico State
  • Lizbeth Reyes- Cal State LA
  • Dante Rojas- Cal State LA, Cal State Dominguez Hills 
  • Mathew Ruiz- Cal State LA, Cal State Dominguez Hills
  • Hermaione Sanchez- Cal State LA, Cal State Long Beach, Cal Poly Pomona
  • Nayeli Tec- Cal State LA
  • Caleb Tzic- Arizona State University, Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Dominguez Hills
  • Jimena Urena- Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Long Beach,  Cal Poly Pomona
  • Daniela Vazquez- Cal State LA
  • Rafael Valdez- University of Oregon, Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Sacramento State, University of San Francisco, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Azusa Pacific University, Cal State Long Beach, Cal State Northridge, & Fresno State

National College Week Starts Nov. 16

Press Release courtesy AVID and Ms. Veronica Lorenzana

To commemorate National College Week, which is during our Thanksgiving break, JGHS and SEA will be celebrating it a week early, beginning Monday, and lasting from 11/16-11/20.

To promote a college-going atmosphere, the AVID Program will post a daily College Awareness Flyer to let students know about various college topics. We would love it if you can help promote College Awareness in your own digital classrooms in the following ways:

  • Wear your College Gear next Week, especially on Wednesday.
  • Reminder to students: take that leap and press “Submit” on your college applications, preferably this week: The deadline to submit the UC app is 11/30; the deadline to submit the CSU app on CSU Apply has been extended to 12/4.
  • Your SAT/ACT scores will be optional and no longer be required for Fall 2021 admissions! (Future admissions of standardized test scores are still TBD).
  • Talk to your counselor if you never thought about attending college but would still like to apply.

Thank you for your support!

College Checklist

By Aideth Palacios

Hellooo class of 2021! Time has finally arrived, not as we had wished for but, it’s here. We are finally seniors! With all this chaos occurring of Covid-19 and school being closed down, we have not taken the time to prioritize what really matters–our future. Have you thought about what you wish to do? Perhaps continue on to college, work, or even both, but do you know where to start?

Maybe you don’t, but that is why I am here. To serve you as a guide and lead you through your journey of applying for college, FAFSA, and scholarships. You might be wondering, where do I start? My simple answer is: wherever your heart leads you. The most important step is choosing what you would like to become–your career choice. However, it’s fine if you don’t know yet. Do not stress! All you really need to know is if you want to continue on to college; and if you do, please pay attention to the following.

What type of education would you like to pursue?

Choices include community college, UCs, Cal States, private universities, career colleges/vocational training

Have you applied to FAFSA? What is FAFSA? How fast should I apply?

If you have not applied to FAFSA please do it ASAP!! FAFSA is federal student aid which is free money that helps you pay for school. The faster you apply the more money you might receive. 

Interested in applying for a UC or Cal state ?

Make sure to fill out applications before the deadlines. 

Have you applied for scholarships?

Well if you have not, please check these out!

Check out these two links, create an account, and start researching scholarships that best fit you:

What is “Key Club?”

By Andrea Arias

John Glenn High School has several clubs that help students in adding to their college applications and volunteering in their community and Key Club is one of these clubs. Key Club is an international service organization, it is student-led and provides services and volunteerism. They participate at several community events throughout the district and some at the international level.

Common volunteer events include tree planting, beach clean ups, park clean ups, and charity drives, as well as participating in the Rose Parade, but due to the current pandemic many events are being held virtually. Many of the past years their events were hosted in Long Beach and they would have a convention in San Francisco at the end of the year.

According to the JGHS Key Club president, Valery Montinola, the club helps students to “give back to your community, build your college resumé and leadership skills.” While Natalie Luna, the treasurer, stated that: “One of my favorite memories was when we were helping for the Rose Parade,” which happened last year when the club members got to help organize the beautiful flowers you see during the parade while others got to help with painting.