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What’s up with wildfires in December?

By Hermaione Sanchez

The Bond Fire spread over 7,000 acres and destroyed or damaged over 26 structures. Thousands of residents evacuated the area. The AP captured dramatic video of the fire.

It all started with a house fire at 28331 Bond Way, in Silverado CA., last Wednesday night. Winds up to 70 MPH and dry conditions worsened the fire. More than 25,000 residents were evacuated. Fire fighters have been working to contain this fire ever since.

As of Sunday, December 6, the fire is 55% contained and residents are still evacuated. Due to Covid, there is no congregate shelter offered. Residents have to stay at a hotel or at a friend’s home, both of which may be uncomfortable due to the virus. In cases like these, Chief Fennessy urges residents to evacuate the zone when in doubt.

Alanis, a hotel worker in Anaheim, was called into work suddenly due to the fires and evacuations. “From super slow days… all of a sudden groups of reservations started to come in and nervous overwhelmed families started to show up. All we can do on our end is comfort them in this tough time and hope everything goes well for them,” she says. 

The dry weather and strong winds this December has brought questions and concerns. (photo source: www.californiawildfirerelief.org) Climate change is affecting our earth immensely and we aren’t getting enough rain. Multiple fires have occurred during the summer in California, but it is the deadliest fires that occur at the end of the dry season that is from September to December. Many people have lost their homes and all they own due to wildfires. They are at a greater risk in the midst of this pandemic. Their lives got turned upside down in just one day.

If you want to help the victims affected by California wildfires, visit: https://www.cafirefoundation.org/programs/supplying-aid-to-victims-of-emergency/