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The Christmas Blues

by Priscilla Cardenas                                          

As many of you know, Christmas Break is coming up, and Christmas is a time families get together and enjoy each other’s company. Many cadets look forward to Christmas Break because we get to spend time gathering with our family and friends. We get to enjoy the holidays by taking a break from school, not worrying about our boots being shined or our uniform being sharp. However, since Covid-19 happened cadets have not been doing their uniform, so even this Christmas joy isn’t the same.

Since we are experiencing a pandemic we can’t be around our family, especially our grandparents and family members who are more vulnerable to getting the virus. We have to continue to follow pandemic rules even during the holidays, and cadets are feeling more and more miserable as time goes on.

Now with the increase in Covid cases, we are required to minimize going out and being in large groups even more. Cadet Ssgt Melanie Carranza says, “I am very disappointed that Christmas won’t be the same as previous years. I won’t be able to see family members that I only see on special occasions. I am very bummed out that the kids won’t be able to enjoy the Christmas events the city has every year.”

Even though we are all sad and disappointed about not spending Christmas like we normally would, CFC Amya Felix reminds us,  “We still have hope. We have to stay strong. We still have each other no matter what.”

Opinion: True or False? Is SEA Merging with JGHS

by Daisy Penaloza

Great news, Southeast Academy. The rumors are false: we are not moving to the John Glenn High School campus. The Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District Board of Education has decided not to merge both campuses after a meeting on Monday, October 12. With the assistance of SEA students, teachers, staff, and parents, we were able to convince the school board to stay where we belong–at Southeast Academy.

There was a lot of controversy surrounding this whole plan of the school board wanting to move Southeast Academy students over to the John Glenn campus. This whole situation had started as an idea, and has even tried to take place in the previous years, but the board decided to not do this in the end because it would result in a loss of income. However, the decision was not all about money. As school administration notes, “The major reason for not considering SEA’s move to JGHS was the board’s interest in growing SEA and attracting more students to the unique program.”

Although most Southeast Academy cadets agreed that this was a terrible idea, there were some cadets that didn’t mind the idea. “Personally, I  really like it better in SEA, although it wouldn’t bother me if we did move,” stated a cadet who wishes to remain anonymous.

This decision wasn’t just about keeping the school where it’s at, it was about the students and their experiences. Cadet Victoria Ceja mentioned, “I feel like I wouldn’t be able to experience all of SEA, if we move over to JGHS.”

This whole situation was quite the experience and very stressful, to say the least. In conclusion, hopefully this will be the last time we ever hear of this again.

SEA Chick-fil-A Fundraiser a Success

by Johnny Barraza 

During a recent October Chick-fil-a fundraiser–sponsored by the Southeast Academy Booster Club–staff, cadets, and families were all invited to eat, see friends, and support the school. Thanks to the Booster Club, who were set up in the restaurant parking lot, the event was a great success, raising over $400 for our school.

For the first time in a long while, cadets were able to see friends that they haven’t been able to see. One cadet said it was so great to see a friend he hadn’t seen since quarantine, and he shared how this event was a great idea.

Both MSgt. Allard and MSgt. Schafer attended the event. Personally, I found it motivating seeing MSgt. Allard at the fundraiser talking to students and supporting the school. Another cadet said he really appreciated seeing them both there because it motivated him too.

Parents also commented about what a great sight it was to see these two SEA leaders. They said that they admired their dedication and commitment, and that they hoped to plan more events like this in the near future.

Bulldogs Come Home

by Amya Felix

On March 13 2020, distant learning took over the fundamentals of learning, the joy of interacting with friends, and the SEA’s motivational atmosphere. The feeling of frustration and desperation has damaged us all, day by day. Our mind, body and spirit can no longer do this!

Students are feeling overwhelmed with homework and have difficulties understanding their work and what they learned during class. We all end up procrastinating and become sluggish while attending classes. Technology and Wifi issues are a huge difficulty. Bad behavior in synchronous classes has been interfering with students and teachers when it comes to engaging in their work.

According to a survey that was posted for a class about distance learning:

  • 38.5% students feel comfortable with being at home while learning, but
  • 23.1% students feel horrible about not being in school.
  • Only 30.8% students feel prepared during class
  • 69.2% students feel somewhat prepared for class, and we want our students to always be prepared and confident.

SEA student CFC Joseph Felix said, “ The learning experience has been very vague and confusing. School is not the same.”

Sitting on the same spot with a screen in front of your face isn’t the right way for us to learn. We need to engage, interact, communicate and collaborate in order for us to take back our SEA spirit. Our school and families want the best for our student’s education and we don’t want to fail them. We all want to strive for the best and succeed in any challenges that we have to face. We want our students to treasure the moments they have at SEA and feel joy when walking on the campus.

Southeast Academy is not the same without the people, but we must continue to always have faith and hope. We are all in this together and no one is or will ever be alone. We will return to our second home soon but for now, we all need to stay safe, positive and always believe anything is possible.