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COVID Can’t Stop Your Future

by Amya Felix, Student Life Editor

Every senior wants to remember their last year of high school, but the class of 2021 has it rough. 

The senior class hasn’t spent one day on campus together this school year. They haven’t had the opportunity to make lasting memories together as a graduating class.  And the high ranking SEA seniors haven’t had the chance to personally mentor and encourage the younger up-and-coming leaders on campus. 

As March comes to a close without a clear answer on whether or not school will resume on campus, it’s looking less likely that the class of 2021 will get those opportunities at all this year.

However, as much as the pandemic has taken away from them during their last two high school years, it won’t steal away their bright futures.  So, we’re taking this time to recognize their accomplishments and celebrate their future plans. They deserve that much. 

Let’s give a BIG SHOUT OUT to our amazing SEA seniors (and some of our JG senior peers too) who have received college acceptance letters and to those choosing either the community college or military path.  Note: The following list does not represent the entire senior class; however, it does include all of the seniors who responded to our survey.

College Path

  • Cynthia Almanzar – CSULA, CSULB, CSUPoly, CSUF, CSUDH
  • Gerardo Vera Barajas- CSULB, UCI
  • Jael Benitez – CSUPoly ; CSU Northridge, CSULB
  • Melanie Carranza – CSU Poly,  CSUDH 
  • Hailey Coliz – Penn State, San Diego State
  • Brieana Flores – Cerritos College 
  • Silvia Herrera – CSU Channel Islands, Cerritos College 
  • Edward Lozano – CSUDH
  • Shaianne Mak – Cerritos College 
  • Gisell Martin – CSULB,  CSUS, CSUDH
  • Alejandra Mireles – Cerritos College 
  • Alondra Miranda – East LA Community College
  • Angelica Moreno – Cerritos College  
  • Angelica Nieto – UC Merced, CSUPoly, CSULB, CSUF, Cerritos College
  • Matthew Ramirez – Cerritos College 
  • Vanessa Ramos – Cerritos College
  • Oswaldo Rodriguez – Cerritos College
  • Valeria Rodríguez – CSUDH
  • Tanya Rubi – Cerritos College
  • Diana Ruiz – Fresno State, CSUDH, CSUF and GCU 
  • Isaiah Saavedra – Cerritos College
  • Chanmarafine Som – UC Berkeley 
  •  Kushal Tavva – CSUPoly,  UCSC, UC Merced, UCR, UCI, UC Berkeley 
  • Carson Torres – CSUSM
  • Mia Veran -CSUSM and Cerritos College 

Military Path

  • Priscilla Cardenas – United States Marine Corps 
  • Joseph Felix – United States Marine Corps 
  • Johnathan Hernandez – United States Marine Corps 
  • Daniel Nava – United States Air Force
  • Matthew Ortiz –  United States Marine Corps 
  • Melissa Rizo – United States Navy 
  • Anthony Viramonte – United States Marine Corps

Self-Care Every Day Keeps the Stress Away

by Amya Felix

Students, are you feeling worn out after completing–or even just staring at– an enormous amount of homework? Teachers, do you ever just want to scream at the top of your lungs? 

If the answer is yes, you’re not alone.

The year 2020 has taken over (and by taken over, I mean obliterated) our social lives and pretty much everything else we loved or needed to do to keep ourselves calm and bring joy to our lives. 

As much as we want to scream out loud or throw a giant textbook against the wall, there are other ways to relieve stress that can heal our minds, bodies, and souls. So instead of carrying the heavy burden of stress everywhere we go, let’s take a look at some activities that will help make us feel calm and at ease.


Music is something that few can resist when feeling blue or frustrated, and it doesn’t much matter what genre of music you listen to. Music is an emotional cure that can make you feel peaceful and soothe your soul. According to Vedic educator Adam Brady,Using specific pieces of music or melodies [can actually assist] with healing and helping to settle the mind.” Music has the ability to increase our dopamine level, breathing, and heart rate. So, whether you’re cleaning, cooking, doing homework, or even working out, music will always have your back!

Bath Time

Have you ever dreamed of having your very own personal spa? Well, there’s this wonderful invention called a bathtub. That’s right, taking a bath can not only cleanse your body, but can clear your mind from anything you’re going through.

Although scented candles, bath oils, and fancy soaps, are always a nice touch, there are other inexpensive or free ideas to try out. For starters, turn off your overhead bathroom light and plug in a small night light. Don’t have one? Bring in a low-light lamp and place it on the floor. No matter how you accomplish it, the idea is to reduce the lighting so that you have a calmer more relaxing experience. 

No fancy oils or bath bombs? No problem. If you have baby oil in the house, you can add a few drops. This will soften harsh water, and help your skin feel silky smooth. Just be careful when you stand up because it can make the tub slippery. Now choose your favorite or regular bar of soap. Before lathering up, take some deep breaths and allow the sweet fragrance of the soap to work it’s magic.

Your bath time doesn’t have to be fancy or pricey to be enjoyable or relaxing, it just has to be planned. With a few minutes of prep time, you can create the soothing environment you need to help wash away your worries.


It’s such an uncomfortable feeling when your body is aching because you’ve been sitting in one place all day long. Yoga is a great way to relieve this type of pain and can keep you stress free. It’s also a wonderful way to help a body stay in terrific shape. Check out this video:

Skin Care

This last self-care suggestion is also a great daily habit to develop because having healthy and clean skin is definitely something almost everyone wants to accomplish and maintain. No matter your gender, good skin and skincare is important. And, it can be quite therapeutic. 

Every evening, whether it be the moment the warm water gently splashes your face or the moist heat of a warmed up cloth is placed against your skin, the feeling is the same: almost instantaneous decompression and de-stressing. Take the time to truly enjoy this daily nighttime routine.If you’re in the mood for some fresh face masks or products that will make your skin glow, check out Best Skin Care: Target. Target’s online shopping store provides you with great products for affordable prices. Their que bella spa masks are awesome, and they run from $1 to $2.50 each. Plus, you can get two spa treatments per package, so make the most of it. Invite your sister, brother, mom, or friend to join you for some “us time” and pampering. Or, simply put the open package into a plastic baggie and seal it up ‘til next time.

que bella spa masks from Target
Life gets extremely stressful, and these past twelve months have been chaotic and beyond stressful for us all. So remember, every now and then plan a break, make a time to relax, and enjoy your moments of stress-free bliss. You deserve it!

Merry Quarantine Christmas!

by Amya Felix

Having trouble finding what to do during quarantine Christmas? Never fear, new fun and entertaining activities are here! Since we are all distressed and insane throughout the pandemic, we may not be able to do some of the things we enjoy during the holidays, but we can’t let COVID-19 bring our holiday spirits down. Take a look at these enjoyable activities, and you’ll definitely have a holly, jolly Christmas. 

What better way to decorate your home for Christmas than a beautiful home welcoming snow globe. This video will show you how to make your very own adorable DIY snow globe for kids and adults. They are very easy to make with your family and friends. You can find the materials anywhere in your local store and you can be as creative as you want to be. 

You don’t always have to go all out when decorating the outside of your home, so why not make an awesome and colorful Christmas wreath?  This amazing Christmas Wreaths website will provide you with different and unique wreaths to make with materials that will definitely make your wreath stand out from the crowd.

If you really want an activity that will get the party started, the “Build a Snowman” game is definitely a must try. It’s a fun game for all ages that will make you excited and make people laugh non-stop. Here’s how to play the game. 

  1. Split a group of players into teams: It can be as many as you want. When the game starts, one person will be trapped to become the snowman.  
  1. Give each team the supplies they need: Supplies that you will need are toilet paper or white streamers, hats, scarves, and any other fun essentials that you think will be creative to use. 
  1. Start a timer for 2 minutes for the wrapping to begin: This is where each team will wrap one person with toilet paper and the accessories within a short amount of time to create a  snowman. Music in the background will make the players more pumped up and enthusiastic too!
  1. Pick a winner: This is where you pick the winning team to see who is the best snowman. If you really want, maybe give the winning team prizes as a little congratulations. Also, be sure to have fun! 
“Build a Snowman” game is fun for all ages.

Christmas time is truly a wonderful year to spend time with family, friends, and other loved one out there. It’s a great holiday to bring people together and spread that Christmas cheer. These wonderful activities will put a smile on your face. Like they always say, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Bulldogs Come Home

by Amya Felix

On March 13 2020, distant learning took over the fundamentals of learning, the joy of interacting with friends, and the SEA’s motivational atmosphere. The feeling of frustration and desperation has damaged us all, day by day. Our mind, body and spirit can no longer do this!

Students are feeling overwhelmed with homework and have difficulties understanding their work and what they learned during class. We all end up procrastinating and become sluggish while attending classes. Technology and Wifi issues are a huge difficulty. Bad behavior in synchronous classes has been interfering with students and teachers when it comes to engaging in their work.

According to a survey that was posted for a class about distance learning:

  • 38.5% students feel comfortable with being at home while learning, but
  • 23.1% students feel horrible about not being in school.
  • Only 30.8% students feel prepared during class
  • 69.2% students feel somewhat prepared for class, and we want our students to always be prepared and confident.

SEA student CFC Joseph Felix said, “ The learning experience has been very vague and confusing. School is not the same.”

Sitting on the same spot with a screen in front of your face isn’t the right way for us to learn. We need to engage, interact, communicate and collaborate in order for us to take back our SEA spirit. Our school and families want the best for our student’s education and we don’t want to fail them. We all want to strive for the best and succeed in any challenges that we have to face. We want our students to treasure the moments they have at SEA and feel joy when walking on the campus.

Southeast Academy is not the same without the people, but we must continue to always have faith and hope. We are all in this together and no one is or will ever be alone. We will return to our second home soon but for now, we all need to stay safe, positive and always believe anything is possible.