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Giselle Ortiz

Giselle Ortiz is a senior here at John Glenn High School. She has been in color guard for three years and has performed with the John Glenn High School Marching Band in competitions and parades. Her favorite things are music, going out at night, her four dogs, the colors green and brown, and jewelry. In her free time she likes taking naps and doing nothing. Her favorite news sites are the Los Angeles Times, Whittier Daily News, and Telemundo.

Destiny Padilla

Destiny Padilla is a high school junior at John Glenn High School. She’s obsessed with the color pink and loves flowers. Her favorite time of the day is the evening, so she can watch the sunset as the colors beautifully light up the sky. Destiny is fond of baking, and her favorite dessert to bake is fudge brownies topped with pink heart sprinkles. Out of all the news sources, her favorite happens to be the Los Angeles Times. Lastly, Destiny is open to making new friends…so if you see her don’t be shy to say hi!

Adriana Zaragoza

Adriana Zaragoza is a senior at John Glenn High School. Not only is she happy about graduating soon in 2023, she enjoys trying new things at school. She hopes to attend a Long Beach College and work with children in the future. For now, she enjoys taking photographs, writing for the school paper, and hanging out with her friends. She has her curious mind and creative inspiration from her father, and her favorite news sources include CNN.com, Los Angeles Times, and MSNBC.

Leslie Cardenas

Leslie Cardenas is a senior at John Glenn High School and is an opinion and student life writer for The Shoemaker Bugle. She is a free-spirited and kind person. She loves nature and almost everything about the ’70s. Leslie plays the flute and piccolo for the John Glenn Marching Eagles. In her free time, Leslie enjoys crocheting plushies, clothing, buying crystals, tarot cards, listening to and playing music. Her favorite genres of music are rock and pop. Some of Leslie’s favorite artists are Greta Van Fleet, Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, ABBA, and Queen. Leslie has her own small business called Stardust Crochet (named after the song “Stardust Chords” by Greta Van Fleet) where she takes commissions for crochet items such as clothing or accessories but most people commission her to make plushies. Her favorite news sources are Now This News and CNN.
Personal Instagram: @lesliethewitch
Small Business: @stardustcrochet

Daniel Altamirano

Daniel Altamirano is a senior at John Glenn High School. He is a varsity athlete on the cross country and wrestling teams. His favorite hobbies are going to the beach, running in hills, playing with his dog, and playing the piano. He lives in the “one ways” a well-known street in Norwalk, CA. His favorite news sources are CNN, KTLA News, LA Times.com, and Telemundo.

Andrea Alfaro

Andrea Alfaro is currently a junior at John Glenn High School and the Entertainment and Food editor of The Shoemaker Bugle. She resides in Norwalk with her parents and brothers. In her free time she participates in boxing matches against her brothers, draws, and listens to true crime podcasts. One of her favorite things to do is to watch shows and movies, from trashy reality television to 1950’s rom coms–she is willing to watch it all, no matter how much her eyes bleed. Andrea’s favorite news sources include Los Angeles Times and Twitter, because everyone knows everything on Twitter is 100% true.

Richard Sanchez

Richard Sanchez is a 17-year-old John Glenn High School student. His favorite activities and sports are football, dance, baseball, wrestling, and hockey. His favorite teams are the LA Rams, LA Dodgers, New York Yankees, and the Anaheim Ducks. He currently attends “And Dance” dance studio and has been there for 9 years. His hobbies consist of anything that piques his interest but has been more recently into photography and film
photography. You can find him on all social media sites under the username @Djpanda250. You can catch him streaming on twitch randomly at Twitch.tv/djpanda250.

His favorite news sites are the L.A. Times, Whittier Daily News, and the New York Times.

April Zavala

April Zavala is a High School student at John Glenn High School. She is on the 2021 Varsity Girls’ Volleyball team and plays lead trumpet for the John Glenn Marching Band. She is also an avid member of the CSF (California Scholarship Federation) club on campus. Some of her favorite hobbies include painting, listening to or making music, cooking, playing volleyball, & annoying her younger sister. She got a job over the summer as a cook for Pizza Hut alongside her father who has worked there as his second job for over 18 years! She has lived in Norwalk her whole life with her parents, two sisters, one brother, two cats, and two dogs. April loves her pets very much, she believes they all have the most unique and dorky personalities. She is a very busy individual, so when she finally gets free time she enjoys napping or laying in bed watching TikTok.
INSTAGRAM: @aprillzavala
TIKTOK: @aprillzavala

Yael Ventura

Yael Ventura is a senior at John Glenn High School. He is a bit clumsy but has a heart of gold. His ID may say he’s 17 but his face says he’s 13. During his free time he likes to play video games, draw and sleep. He may not know what’s going on most of the time, but he knows how to go with the flow. His favorite new source is AllSides.

Jeremy Santiago

Jeremy Santiago is a senior student at John Glenn High School. In his free time, he does one of his favorite extracurricular activities–cartooning–which helps him experiment with new ideas. Besides cartooning, his other hobbies include playing video games, listening to music, and reading. There are also many news sources that he likes to scan over and read, which are CNN, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and Whittier Daily News.

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