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Iris Buckley

Iris Buckley is a 16 year old at the Shoemaker Bugle. She mainly goes by her nickname ‘Kitty’ and reports the weather for Eagle News at John Glenn High School. She enjoys drawing and writing in her free time. Something she likes is discovering all sides of a story and enjoys learning about shocking true crime cases. Iris is the youngest out of 3 siblings and spends her free time with family and friends. She enjoys long drives and green landscapes. Her favorite news source is the Los Angeles Times.

Laura Gomez

Laura Gomez is a junior at John Glenn High School. She is on the volleyball team and is the CSF co-president. She is the junior assistant editor of The Shoemaker Bugle. In her free time, Laura enjoys late night walks, going out on adventures, and movie nights with her family. The ideal day for her would be a rainy, cold, and windy day. She stays in and watches her favorite shows, snuggles in with her penguin and a warm cup of coffee. Her favorite hobbies include painting, sports, reading, and shopping. Her favorite news sources are the Los Angeles Times, Instagram, and Apple News.

Rodolfo Garcia

Rodolfo Garcia is a student from John Glenn High School. He is currently in his senior year trying to graduate. Rodolfo lives in Norwalk with both his parents, 4 siblings and 2 cats. In his free time, he likes to play any sport and also play video games and watch Undisputed on ESPN, hosted by Skip and Shannon. Finally, he likes to watch NFL football with his family and friends and is a huge Broncos fan. My favorite news source for the NFL is from Ian Rapoport. He is also a huge fan of the UFC, and his favorite fighter would have to be Israel Adesanya.

Muna Agada

Muna Agada is a high school junior at John Glenn High School. She is a lover of literature, mainly in the fantasy and romance genre. When it comes to romance she’s a bit of a sap about it. She likes to consider herself a movie buff. She loves watching films and going back to it, and breaking it down. Analyzing the decisions the director took to lead you to a certain conclusion. She wants to one day travel the world, especially to go look at the different architecture of places around the world.

Alicia Cram

Alicia Cram is a cadet at Southeast Academy High School. She does not merely strive for what is expected of her, but to be the best. She is currently involved in the Red Cross Club hosted at Southeast Academy. She loves to paint, sketch, and art in general. She has never been interested in any type of sport. Alicia Cram has two dogs, and 3 cats. The dogs are Odin and Freya (pictured), and cats Buddy, Kitty, and Coco. Growing up with a family of all boys shaped her into the female she is — strong, determined, smart, and independent. Her favorite news sites include the Los Angeles Times and Whittier Daily News.

Kelly Catap

Kelly Catap is a student who’s attending John Glenn High School. She is involved in the Girl’s Tennis Team and enjoys playing with her teammates. In her spare time, she loves to chat with friends, read books, do journaling, and customizing bracelets. One day, she hopes to open an online Etsy shop called, “CharmsinKel.” Her favorite news sources are CNN and KCAL-9. If you want to talk, check out her instagram!

Stany Hernandez

Stany Hernandez is a top 20 senior from John Glenn High School. After high school, she plans on going to a four-year university if all goes well. Her passions include writing and graphic design, of which she maintains a love-hate relationship with. Most of her free time is dedicated to club activities and sports as CSF and Key Club’s president, the volleyball team manager, member of the marching band, and thrower on the track & field team. She enjoys painting, collecting stationary, and (window) shopping.

Jason Leyva

Jason Leyva is a 9th grade student attending John Glenn High School. In his free time he loves playing games of any kind (board games, sports, etc.), he also enjoys the outdoors and loves nature. He likes listening to music and trying out new things. He is currently going to work for The Shoemaker Bugle as a writer, and his favorite news sources are The L.A. Times, CNN, and Forbes.

Carlos Lopez

Carlos Lopez is a senior currently at John Glenn High School. Carlos was born in the city of Bellflower but has resided in Norwalk for most of his life. In his free time, Carlos likes to play his guitar and listen to various genres of music. Carlos is an avid sports fan, following his favorite teams across multiple different sports including the Lakers, Packers, Dodgers, and Real Madrid.

Edmundo Manriquez

Edmundo Manriquez is a senior at John Glenn High School. He has lived in Norwalk his entire life and plans to travel to different parts of the world. He is someone who participates in sports around the school. He has done cross country, track and field, wrestling, and soccer. In his free time, Edmundo loves playing video games, watching movies, and music. His favorite news sources include CNN, Los Angeles Times, and KTLA News.

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