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Aileya Vidana

Aileya Vidana is part of John Glenn’s journalism and yearbook editor teams, and this is her second year at The Shoemaker Bugle. Other than these two extracurricular activities, she focuses her time with her pets and friends. During her free time she makes her friends thermo paintings, joins mental health teen groups as a volunteer and spends time as a catechism teacher every Wednesday. The news source that you would catch her on normally would be the Los Angeles Times. You may usually find her here on instagram.

Edmund Shryock

Edmund Shryock is a junior at John Glenn High School in Norwalk, California. He is the president of his school’s California Scholarship Federation, and is a three year member of the John Glenn Eagle Band, playing both the tenor and baritone saxophone. He is in the top 3 of his class of 2022, and is taking rigorous AP courses. Some of his hobbies include studying history, watching political documentaries, listening to old school music, and building models. Some of his favorite news sources include FOX, CNN, NBC, NPR, Vox, and The Washington Post.

Brianna Lucero

I am Brianna Lucero, a senior at John Glenn High School, and I am excited for my last year of high school. Senior year has not been what I expected it to be, but I like distance learning, for the most part. I plan to just go straight into work after high school. I live with my family, my sisters, my older sister’s family, and pets. It is nice to have a lot more time to spend with my family, especially because a lot has been going on. News sources I trust to look at are The Los Angeles Times and PBS NewsHour.

Angelica Moreno

Angelica Moreno is a writer and editor at the Bugle, in her second year. She is in the school marching band and plays alto saxophone. In her high school career, she has managed to take advanced drama, advanced art, and journalism as electives. She is a senior this year and plans to attend college. She is interested in majoring in literature and creative writing. In her free time, Angelica enjoys watching films, listening to music, and talking to her friend. Her top three favorite movies are “The Shawshank Redemption,” “Goodfellas,” and “Call Me By Your Name;” and her top three favorite artists are The Beach Boys, Lou Reed, and Talking Heads. Her favorite news source is the LA Times.

Brandon Nunez

Brandon Nunez is a junior at John Glenn High School who is in the Drama Club and has been in drama productions over the last five years. Brandon enjoys watching sports, listening to music, watching movies and TV shows, and occasionally reading and playing video games. His favorite news sources happen to be BBC News and The Los Angeles Times.

Andrea Arias

Andrea Arias is a student at John Glenn High School. She has been part of the volleyball team for 4 years, this being her final year. She is a member of Key Club as well. She spends most of her time at home stressing about homework as well as working out. In her free time, she likes to draw and play her guitar, and spend time with her family. Her favorite news sources are the New York Times and Los Angeles Times.

Aideth Palacios

Aideth Palacios is a senior at John Glenn High School in the class of 2021. Her dream is to go on to college and pursue the career of nursing. In her free time, Aideth enjoys spending time with her family and friends. At school she is involved in CSF and AVID Club. Some of her favorite news sources include The Los Angeles Times, FOX News, and ABC News.

Carter Balbuena

Names are complicated, you can call me Wangji (忘机) for the time being. This is my third year at Glenn. There’s not much to know about me. I’m involved in band as a percussionist. My interests currently lie in Mo Dao Zu Shi《魔道祖师》, Owari no Seraph, Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer), and Genshin Impact. I get most of my news off of Twitter; very convenient. 我非常愛我的妻子。他是我的寶貝。

Jahir Poz

Jahir Poz is a class of 2021 high school senior at John Glenn High School. He is very involved in sports such as soccer, basketball, and football. His favorite hobbies are listening to music, playing or watching sports–mostly soccer and basketball–and playing video games. He lives with his parents, brothers, sister-in-law, and a very noisy dog. His favorite news sources are The Los Angeles Times and ESPN.

Ximena Cabrera

My name is Ximena Cabrera, and I am a senior at John Glenn High School. I have been a member of CSF since ninth grade and I am also currently the president of the club. During my free time, I like to read and binge watch series on Netflix. One of my favorites series at the moment is Grey’s Anatomy, and I am currently watching it for the second time. I am a huge coffee lover, and I like to try new drinks every once in a while. My favorite news sources are CNN and The Los Angeles Times.

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