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Self Love is the Best Love:

The Importance of Sleep

By Destiny Padilla

Who doesn’t love a thorough sleep, we need it and we crave it!

In order to achieve this, first make sure that you set yourself a consistent sleeping schedule. Your sleeping schedule needs to correspond with your school activities.

Useful activities to do before bed include the following:

Reading poetry

Listening to relaxing music


Doing skincare

All of these activities will help you get into a calming and relaxing mindset. Focusing on bettering your sleep will result in a positive jump in your attitude and how you act. This will make you energetic and motivated for school. You wouldn’t be dozing off during class, but rather paying better attention and being alert.

Although it is important to have multiple interests, your sleep should be one of your top priorities. Fantastic sleep will lead to a thoroughly terrific day.

The Difference Attendance Makes at JGHS

By Cesar Martinez

Over the years, John Glenn High School has dropped in overall students & transfers, while tardiness and absences have increased. Just last year, there were a total of 991 students enrolled, but we currently have only 861 students. This is a 130 student drop.

There has been a trend in the past few years of absences and tardies. The amount of students that are tardy to classes have increased a lot since last year. This year, only 2 or 3 students have been sent to El Camino (continuation high school) because they are crowded with students from other campuses. The only thing that has stayed level is the overall transfers to other schools.

A big consequence of student attendance dropping is the school doesn’t get as much funding as before, which ends up forcing the school to cut teachers, courses, and programs. So, students aren’t the only thing that have decreased over the years– teachers have also been laid off, or they were forced to transfer to another school or district. For example, as recently as the 2017-2018 school year, there were nine English teachers; however, because of attendance droppage, today there are only four English teachers.

One way for us to stop students and teachers from leaving Glenn is to reach out to the community and show them why they should come to Glenn more than anywhere else, like Norwalk High or another district. Students should care about better enrollment and attendance because we will get more funding for the school, which means we will have more activities and more school attraction. With more students attending, we could offer courses that other schools have, like culinary arts, wood shop, automotive classes, more music, drama, and art choices, and further pathways that would benefit students in their lives. Sports would also be more competitive, which also brings in more money.

Activities to do in Norwalk

By Jason Leyva

Are you looking for something fun to do in Norwalk? These November activities are fun for individuals, friends, or your whole family. They all offer new experiences that you won’t forget, and they are a ton of fun. Here are seven great activities you can participate in, according to the website for The City of Norwalk.

So you’re looking for something fun to do over November? This list includes activities that you can do with friends or by yourself. Experience is not needed for these events as they are beginner friendly. They all offer new experiences that you won’t forget and they are tons of fun. Some come on and check the activities out. From the official website, I collected 7 activities that you should try. Here they are: 

 #1. Visit the Norwalk Arts and Sports Complex 

In this complex you can do a variety of physical exercise activities such as basketball, rooms, etc. As a feature you can also have a personal trainer to help you. You can also donate food to help families in need.

#2. Try the Aztec Dance Event

In this activity you learn the basics of how to dance like the Aztecs while getting in a good workout. Ages of 5 and above can participate in the activity and can participate for free. The event will be held on a Thursday at 7:15-9:15. The date the event will be held on is Nov 29- Dec 15.

#3. Try the “paint class and a glass” event 

In this activity anyone who doesn’t know how to paint or does know how to paint a little bit or a lot can attend. In this activity anyone can attend because you are painting with an instructor step by step, in the end you will leave with a masterpiece. Stay in the night for bonus work for a predetermined  painting. The event will be held on Nov 18 on a Friday at 7-9:30p. The fee for entering this event is $25.

#4. Piano for beginners 

In this activity you learn the basics of playing the piano such as finger placing, rhythms, etc. Anyone who is age 5 and above can attend and you must provide for your own instrument (keyboard piano) and you must buy a 15 dollar book on the first day of class. The event will be held on Tuesdays from 4:15-5:10 pm on October 18-Nov 15. There will be a $60 fee to enter the class.

#5. Yoga for life 

In this activity you are getting in a gentle exercise from yoga. This activity focuses on all the primary focuses of yoga which is balance, endurance, peace, flexibility, etc. To attend the event you need to bring a mat, small towel, water and comfortable clothing. The event will be held on a Tuesday from Oct 18- Nov 8 at 6:30-7:30p. Anyone who is age 14 or above may attend with a parent and there is a $28 fee.

#6. Friendsgiving Potluck 

In this activity you celebrate the thankfulness of Thanksgiving by having a “Friendsgiving Potluck.” The Norwalk events website explains, “More details and information about the event will be given out later when we are approaching the event.” As of now, we know that anyone between the ages 13-18 can attend and you can enter for free. The event will be held on a friday on Nov 18 through 6-9:30p.

 #7. Tae Kwon Do

In this activity you will learn the fighting skills of the Korean style martial arts tae kwon do, you also learn the terminology and respect associated with tae kwon do. Anyone between the ages 5-18 can attend the event. The event will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from Oct 17- Nov 11 or Nov 28-Dec 16. The event will be from 5:30-6:30p and there is a $50 fee to enter between Oct 17- Nov 11, or you can pay a $40 fee from Nov 28-Dec 16. 

*Honorable mentions: 

•Visit the D.D Johnston Hargitt House Museum 

When you visit this museum you are visiting the house of one of the first families in Norwalk. The activities that you can do inside the house are pumpkin painting, a trail tour, games, and more.

Visit the Los Angeles County Fire Museum 

This museum is dedicated to the history of the Los Angeles County Fire Museum where you can view 60 antique fire engines, as well as many other pieces of Los Angeles history of firefighting. 

Advice Column: Ask Miss Diary

In early October, The Bugle asked readers to send in some questions for advice from our columnist. Here is our advice:

I hate my friend’s new boyfriend. She wants to invite him to hang around with us but I literally can’t stand him. What should I do?

I always like to say you don’t have to like someone your friend is dating, but maybe tolerate them out of respect for your friend, you know. Plan some things to do outside of school without him. If she wants to invite him, hint that it’s “just a girls’ thing,” or maybe even tell her that you miss hanging out with her alone.

How can a person move on from their past mistakes?

Well, there’s two things to remember: One, you can not change the past and that’s ok; two, not to beat yourself up over your mistakes. You’re going to make a million mistakes in this lifetime, and I like to think of it as learning from them, rather than moving on from them.

How can you manage time with school, work, etc.? 

The biggest advice I can give you for this is time management and organization. You have to WANT to work, be able to make big commitments, and prepare to sacrifice your social time. It is totally manageable and possible, but I personally recommend starting with a new job in the summer because it’s easier.  😉

How do you cope with the transition from a student to an independent person going into university or college?

I answered this last question with help from Mr. Derrick Wroten, our senior Economics and Government teacher. So how do you prepare yourself for a drastic transition from student, to an independent person going into a college/university? Mr. Wroten recommends preparing ahead of time, and picking your career so you can find the college that will help you with that career. He talked about finding colleges that fit you and your interests, instead of going for those big popular colleges everyone talks about. Some great points he made are the fact that you’re, “Surrounding yourself in a new atmosphere,” and, “if that school isn’t your vibe due to certain subjects or rules, you shouldn’t go.” Lastly, Mr. Wroten ended it with something that sticks to me, saying, “Go into college with the confidence that you’re going to get what you need out of this school.” Thank you Mr. Wroten!

Laura Gomez

Laura Gomez is a junior at John Glenn High School. She is on the volleyball team and is the CSF co-president. She is the junior assistant editor of The Shoemaker Bugle. In her free time, Laura enjoys late night walks, going out on adventures, and movie nights with her family. The ideal day for her would be a rainy, cold, and windy day. She stays in and watches her favorite shows, snuggles in with her penguin and a warm cup of coffee. Her favorite hobbies include painting, sports, reading, and shopping. Her favorite news sources are the Los Angeles Times, Instagram, and Apple News.

Rodolfo Garcia

Rodolfo Garcia is a student from John Glenn High School. He is currently in his senior year trying to graduate. Rodolfo lives in Norwalk with both his parents, 4 siblings and 2 cats. In his free time, he likes to play any sport and also play video games and watch Undisputed on ESPN, hosted by Skip and Shannon. Finally, he likes to watch NFL football with his family and friends and is a huge Broncos fan. My favorite news source for the NFL is from Ian Rapoport. He is also a huge fan of the UFC, and his favorite fighter would have to be Israel Adesanya.

Muna Agada

Muna Agada is a high school junior at John Glenn High School. She is a lover of literature, mainly in the fantasy and romance genre. When it comes to romance she’s a bit of a sap about it. She likes to consider herself a movie buff. She loves watching films and going back to it, and breaking it down. Analyzing the decisions the director took to lead you to a certain conclusion. She wants to one day travel the world, especially to go look at the different architecture of places around the world.

Alicia Cram

Alicia Cram is a cadet at Southeast Academy High School. She does not merely strive for what is expected of her, but to be the best. She is currently involved in the Red Cross Club hosted at Southeast Academy. She loves to paint, sketch, and art in general. She has never been interested in any type of sport. Alicia Cram has two dogs, and 3 cats. The dogs are Odin and Freya (pictured), and cats Buddy, Kitty, and Coco. Growing up with a family of all boys shaped her into the female she is — strong, determined, smart, and independent. Her favorite news sites include the Los Angeles Times and Whittier Daily News.

Kelly Catap

Kelly Catap is a student who’s attending John Glenn High School. She is involved in the Girl’s Tennis Team and enjoys playing with her teammates. In her spare time, she loves to chat with friends, read books, do journaling, and customizing bracelets. One day, she hopes to open an online Etsy shop called, “CharmsinKel.” Her favorite news sources are CNN and KCAL-9. If you want to talk, check out her instagram!

Stany Hernandez

Stany Hernandez is a top 20 senior from John Glenn High School. After high school, she plans on going to a four-year university if all goes well. Her passions include writing and graphic design, of which she maintains a love-hate relationship with. Most of her free time is dedicated to club activities and sports as CSF and Key Club’s president, the volleyball team manager, member of the marching band, and thrower on the track & field team. She enjoys painting, collecting stationary, and (window) shopping.

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