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New Condos in Norwalk Proposed

By Stany Hernandez

Norwalk has recently been considering building condos in the old swap meet space on Alondra and Excelsior.

Artist’s rendition of the Alondra Maidstone Mixed Use project at 11600 Alondra Blvd.

The proposal for these apartments would be a modern, mixed residential and commercial space, according to Brian Hews at the La Mirada Lamplighter. The owners are currently seeking approval of eleven buildings to be erected in the area. This seems to follow a trend in our city of luxury condos being constructed in rundown or abandoned places. However, these apartments are not in the price range for our residents, instead designated to attract residents with higher tax-brackets, gentrifying our neighborhoods (gentrification is defined as the process of wealthy people moving into lower-income neighborhoods and seen as a problem by many because of the effects it has on the city or community as a whole.)

The issue is not rich people coming to live in our city; in fact, it would be welcomed. The issue lies in the likely fact that they would not be supporting our community, only living in it. Instead of creating passive income and supporting our local businesses, the new condos will attract major corporations or businesses that would not be for the generally lower-class population of that area of Norwalk, but only existing for the convenience of the new upper-middle class tenants.

Essentially, the mixed residential and commercial property in mind would serve as a private community, complete with everything they would need at that location, so they wouldn’t have to venture outside of their fences to support smaller local businesses in Norwalk entirely.

Even though most Norwalk residents welcome clean, new buildings and businesses like this proposal and the new Sprouts Farmers Market just down the street, it is important that the developers hear every community voice, and not just the voices of the wealthy investors and big businesses which would benefit the most from this move.

Review: Sprouts Farmers Market Opens in Norwalk

By Adriana Zaragoza

LOCATED ON ALONDRA BLVD: 11522 Alondra Blvd, Norwalk, CA 90650

I went to the new Sprouts Farmers Market on Alondra in Norwalk. As a resident in Norwalk, who lives around middle class, I was pretty curious as to what this store offered to us. When we pulled up, it was a very nice and fixed up area compared to what was there before. I honestly thought it looked impressive, and my dad said it “didn’t look like it belonged there.” The manager himself says he tries to keep up the good look they have, hoping to attain more business and keep them going.

The parking lot was actually pretty populated, yet still somewhat spacious. It includes an empty dirt area for what looks like future pumpkin patches or Christmas tree lots.

Walking in, you are introduced to about three to four self checkout machines, and a beautiful array of food. They even have a personal area where you can fill up personal goodie bags with peanuts, seeds, dried fruit, and other dry food products. 

It was all beautiful and nicely arranged. The food was all healthy and organic of course, being a farmers market. Now I did notice the prices of the food being more pricey and expensive compared to regular grocery stores like Walmart, or Target even. All the food was packaged nicely, and you definitely are paying for good quality food but it definitely does depend on your budget.

Besides prices, the variety was high. Lots of new, great, organic products to look through and find. Sprouts has absolutely great and welcoming service, and the lines went by pretty quickly. It genuinely is a nice place, although maybe a little too nice for Norwalk. Although it is new, and what I feel is out of my low/mid class budget, I do feel it has some hope. Healthy food is good food. Hopefully Norwalk can see that with this new Sprouts Farmers Market.

The Best Spring Flowers to Plant

By Alicia Cram

When you think of spring, flowers may be the first thing that comes to mind. What is a good technique to restore during the season of growth and restoration, which is spring? Planting flowers. The greatest flowers to plant in the spring are listed below.

1. Pansies

They require little maintenance, so pansies are a great choice for beginning gardeners. Pansies are annual flowers, which means they must be planted every year. They prefer full sunlight, but they can also withstand cold conditions. They also come in a gorgeous variety of colors, including white, red, purple, yellow, orange, and more.

2. Marigolds

Every garden will benefit from the pleasant addition of these vivid yellow and orange blossoms. Marigolds are an annual that are very simple to produce from seed. They germinate rapidly, bloom within a few months, and they will continue to bloom throughout the entire growing season.

3. Petunias

Due to their lengthy blooming season, petunias are another common spring flower. Petunias come in a variety of colors, including pink, purple, red, white, and blue. As they are easiest to grow as seedlings, hanging baskets and garden borders are popular places to use them.

4. Zinnias

Planting zinnias, which have vibrant, strong flowers on a single stem, are ideal if you want to create floral arrangements for your table. They can also draw a lot of butterflies to your yard. Annual zinnias, which normally sprout in less than a week, are available in a variety of colors and have rows upon rows of petals. They grow best from seed.

5. Sunflowers

A big, beautiful sunflower is loved by everyone. Sunflowers normally bloom towards the middle to end of the summer after being planted in the spring. Just make sure to allow them enough space to expand and place them in an area that receives a number of hours of direct sunshine every day.

JGHS Welcomes New Head Football Coach

Press Release courtesy Dr. Padilla


It’s official. Please join us in welcoming our new Eagles Varsity Head Football Coach, Elijhaa Penny!

As a graduate of NLMUSD, Penny has returned from his college and NFL career to Norwalk to give back to the community that he is passionate about. We are thrilled to welcome him into the Eagle family and look forward to the skill, experience, and energy that he will bring to our program!

We will be welcoming him officially at lunch tomorrow, Friday 3/24/23 in the quad. Feel free to stop by and say, “Welcome!”

ed. note: Coach Penny attended the University of Idaho, and then signed as an undrafted free agent with the Arizona Cardinals, for whom he played from 2016-2018; he then played, most notably, for the New York Giants for four seasons from 2018-2021. The fullback retired from the NFL on November 28, 2022.

Valentine’s Day Confessions

Shoemaker Bugle readers send in their Valentine’s confessions and anonymous messages

Complied by Em Holy

I wish you knew how much I love you,
I wish you knew how much you mean to me,
I wish you knew how much I appreciate you,
I wish you knew how much I dreamed of you,
But alas, we don’t always get what we desire,
As much as I wanted you by my side,
I’ll never know what it’s like to hold you,
And as lucky as he was to win your heart,
I’ll forever hold you in mine,
Even if I never held yours…

— Anonymous

“I was once in a field of dandelions searching one to pick, but the ray of the sun landed on you.”
And that’s how I asked my girlfriend out. She really loved the poem.

I like Andrew Donis so much: his greenish eyes, his style… There’s a lot more to it, I just can’t say it on here lol

— Anonymous

I really am in love with a very handsome boy. Every time I see him I start to think if he feels the same as me; and I want to know what his response is when I gave him a letter. I love my boy, Eric. 🙂

My feelings for you are the same as they once were. I love you through thick and thin and hope to talk to you again.

— RS

I fell in love the day we met, two lost souls found one another. The laughter and smiles we share day after day are like medicine to my broken heart. Your love keeps me going. Con mi corazon abierto te digo que te amo. – 04/03

Anonymous Confessions

Milestone Worries

I’ve been going through a lot and I’m afraid I wont have a good Valentine’s Day, especially since me and my boyfriend are about to hit a milestone in our relationship.

Just Friends?

I still wanna be with my best friend but I can’t tell him because it’s not what he wants right now.

2nd Period Confession

I like a person who likes me back, but I don’t think they know I do… We have classes together, but I feel like I really know him during 2nd period than in any other time.

Forbidden Love

I’m still kinda in love with someone I shouldn’t be in love with

Sweet gentle giant, how your smile lit up the room,
What I would give to have made you smile through gloom.
Although time torments as you’ve earned your wings and halo,
I know for certain you’re not surrounded by kalo.
Your favorite day to celebrate is coming up soon,
I still remember the flowers you used to swoon.
Although I can’t spend it with you,
Although you aren’t here,
My heart will always be yours,
You don’t have to worry dear.
Sweet gentle giant, how I miss you so,
Soon I will ascend to you, where we’ll both glow.

— Anonymous

I wish there was an easier way to tell you that I love and want you.

— Anonymous

From Yanni

Hi Em I love you so much your maybe probably cute ❤

Em you might not know after 3 years but I might have a crush on you

Em I’m glad we made it out high school together I told you we’d be the 2%

That was the only math class I liked going to

Top Ten Gifts You Should Get for Her and Him

By Giselle Ortiz and Destiny Padilla

Are you wondering what types of gifts you should get your loved one? We’ve got you covered!

1. Does your partner love flowers but hate that they get old? 

You should buy some Lego Flowers. Not only does it last forever, you two can build together!

2. Does your partner love words of affirmation? 

Write your partner a love letter. Who doesn’t like heart warming love letters of how much you love and adore them.

3. Does your partner love stuffed animals, but you don’t know which one to get them? 

Go to Build-A-Bear. You can both pick what type of animal, outfit, and name! You get to have a lot of options in Build-A-Bear.

4. Does your partner love art or love to draw? 

Buy them a coloring set with paints, colored pencils, and canvases.

5. Make them a gift basket.

You can fill it with all their favorite things. Such as candies, drinks, chips, candles, or skin care products.

6. Do you and your partner love jewelry?

If so, a perfect gift for them would be a necklace or bracelet with your name. Once another person spots your name on them, they will know their heart belongs to you!

7. Is your significant other Disney obsessed?

There isn’t any other flower that compares to an everlasting one. Purchase a Beauty and the Beast enchanted rose (with the case).

8. Do you and your partner love wearing hoodies?

The ideal gift will be customized hoodies with either a graphic design you both love or each other’s initials with a heart on the sleeve.

9. Do you want the world to know your significant other has a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Yup, you do! Purchase a “I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND” shirt! Even better if there’s a picture of you on it.

10. Are you hesitant about going overboard with your gift, wanting something simple yet sweet?

A great purchase would be a scent that reminds you of the moments you’ve spent with them. Whether it’s a candle, cologne, or a scented gift, the thought of you thinking about sweet things that remind you of them, will make them feel overjoyed.

JGHS Teacher Proposal Stories

By Stany Hernandez

While proposals are often one of the most magical times of your life, they may also require a lot of planning and coordination. Here are some great proposal stories from JGHS teachers.

Mr. Niemann had been dating his wife for four years before asking the big question. At the time, she lived in the Philippines and he popped the question on a trip there. Originally, Niemann was planning to ask her parents separately and on a later date with beautiful lighting and historical backdrop. However, the day came with a lot of frustration and stress.

If it went as planned, Niemann would have proposed to her in the ruins of a mansion, waiting for nighttime as its beauty grew, and for the diamond to sparkle as it basked in the night. Together, her family and Niemann visited some ruins of a mansion, but her family was getting exhausted as too many other people were around in the usually desolate location. He followed his gut and just proposed to her there and then, where her mom said yes for her. She did accept the ring and the proposal and they have been together ever since.

Typically, an engagement is one big event, however, Mrs. Lorenzana-Bobic experienced hers in two parts. During a trip to the Philippines, Mrs. Lorenzana and her husband were staying in a resort overlooking the water. At this point, they were 25 and had been together for nine years when they began dating in high school. One night during their stay, he gave her a card about growing old together and proposed to her. However, he did not have the ring on him. Mrs. Lorenzana recalled the proposal being more meaningful because it was private and personal, rather than being in a crowded and loud place with peering eyes.

She would get her ring on the second leg of their trip, when they went to Maui. Her husband’s family lived in Maui and went to dinner together. During the dinner, he had put the ring in her champagne flute and as they raised their glasses, everybody looked at her expectantly to celebrate their engagement, but Mrs. Lorenzana had not even seen it yet! It was a funny experience for her to have to drink the champagne in order to get her ring.

How to Ask Somebody Out

By Jason Leyva

Are you wanting to ask your crush out? Follow these four simple small steps that will boost your chances of them saying yes.

Step 1. Build courage:
You cannot do anything else until you build up courage, you need to be confident and ready. Be smart and careful with your words so you look confident and bold.

Step 2. Plan: Now start thinking of where and how you are going to ask them out. Think of pickup lines to say, how hygienic you are going to be, how you want to make them feel, what you are going to say to ask them out.

Step 3. Prepare: Now that you have everything planned, start thinking ahead. Think about what you are going to wear, practice your pickup lines, practice good hygiene and make sure you are fully confident and ready.

Step 4. Ask them out: Now you will actually ask them out! Do not be shy or nervous, be bold and respectable. Make them laugh and giggle and like your vibe. Let them know what good person they will have if they say yes. Now finally, say your words!

Writing a Kindhearted Valentine’s Letter 𓏲 ࣪₊♡𓂃

By Kelly Catap

A Valentine’s letter is a special gift that can make someone feel happy. Writing a letter takes time and dedication. You can express your emotions and let the person know how you feel about them. Here are some tips for writing a love letter:

1. Say how much a person means to you

There are many ways to tell someone how much they mean to you. 

You can describe the feeling as someone who’s special, someone you look forward to spending time with, makes your heart skip a beat, or makes you smile. 

2. How they made an impression on you 

What kind of influence did they have on you? 

Was it love at first sight? 

How has your life been after meeting them? 

3. Compliment their features

It genuinely means a lot to a person when you tell them how lovely they look or how their personality is sweet and caring.

4. A favorite memory that you can recall together

You can mention a joyful, funny, or life-changing moment. 

If you have known each other for a small amount of time, admit that you want to make more memories with them. 

5. Confess your desires

Let the person know what kinds of things you want to do together, what you’ve been thinking about lately, and the dreams you wish to accomplish together.

Could you imagine a future with them?

6. Leaving a message at the end of the note

Your message could be about how much you love them. 

Lastly, you’ll end your letter (if you don’t have any final words) with an affectionate closing such as, “Love,” “Yours Truly,” along with “Always and forever.”

Once your love note is complete, don’t forget to send it!! ˶‘ ᵕ ‘˶ 

Winter Athlete Spotlight: Andrea Urena–Girls’ Wrestling

By Stany Hernandez

Andrea Urena is a senior and long time member of the Lady Eagles Wrestling team.

She has been dedicated to the program for her entire high school career and won league champ. She reflected back on this experience in the following interview:

  • What drew you to the sport?
    • It made me tired, like I’d never been in such a sport that made me tired like that. I got a good night’s sleep; and you know what, I want a good night’s sleep all the time. After my first win, the rush of getting your hand raised and you doing it for yourself, it was the best feeling ever.
  • Why did you stick with it for so long?
    • I just didn’t want to leave after a while. My friend dragged me to the first practice and I kind of fell in love with it since then. Even if I ever wanted to quit, I wouldn’t, my love for the sport is so much I wouldn’t want to leave.
  • What are your season’s goals? What do you want to achieve?
    • Probably get first place at a tournament, like I’ve done it before, but I’ve never done it individually. Probably be league champ again, two times in a row and just win league again because like I’ve never lost league since I’ve joined the team so if we lost my senior year that would be pretty embarrassing, just do my best and work harder than I’ve ever worked before.
  • What are you most excited for in your last season? Will you cry?
    • I will definitely cry. Probably on my last match, I’ll break down on the mat crying and I won’t get up. You’ll probably have to drag me away. I’m excited for how the season’s gonna go, right now, we have a good, solid team. We’re strong, everybody shows up, and it’s really united. Since it’s my senior year it pushes me to do more, like work harder, and enjoy every moment I have left.
  • How does it feel being a senior and getting your senior night, finally?
    • It’s, like… bittersweet. For senior nights I’ve been a part of, I’ve always tried to make it the most memorable night for my seniors and I’ve noticed that sometimes I’m the only one that does the work, and I think “Will I get that?” But it’s gonna be different; it’s gonna be weird not being the one doing the work, and getting the work done for and I hope it’s nice, and I’m probably gonna cry again. I’ll be crying a lot.
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