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Top 10 College Commitments from John Glenn High School

Eagles and Bulldogs Pick Their Colleges

By Genesis Garcia-Rizo

John Glenn High School Eagles

  • Diego Contreras (Valedictorian): MIT
  • Sammy Hamouda (Salutatorian): University of California, San Diego
  • Javier Reynoso (#3): Stanford University
  • Madison Luna  (#4): Cal State University Fullerton
  • Stany Hernandez (#5): University of California, Santa Barbara 
  • Gael Rojas (#6): Cerritos College
  • Hailey Stoner (#7): Cal State University Fullerton
  • Karen Lopez Calderon (#8): Cerritos College
  • Angelica Garcia (#9): Cal State University Long Beach
  • Gilberto Calderon (#10): Cal State University Long Beach
  • Michelle Gonzalez (#10): Cal State University Long Beach
  • Andrea Urena (#10): Cal State Poly Pomona

Southeast Academy High School Bulldogs

  • Maryann Park-Cunibertti (#1): University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • Naidy Cuadras (#2): University of California, Irvine
  • Jonathan Garcia (#3): University of California, Davis
  • Christianelle Lapid (#4): University of Hawaii
  • Evelyn Bejarano (#5): University of California, Riverside
  • Erick Estrada (#6): West Point Military Academy (New York)
  • Daisy Penaloza (#7): University of California, Irvine
  • Melody Castro (#8): Wayne State University (Detroit, MI)
  • Alexa Perez (#9): Cal State University Fullerton
  • Alexander Gonzalez (#10): Rio Hondo College

Other Notable College Commitments

  • Carlos Lopez: Cal State University Dominguez Hills
  • Adriana Zaragoza: Rio Hondo
  • Evelyn Magaña: Cerritos College 
  • Margarita Calderon: Cal State University Long Beach
  • Daniel Flores: Cal State University Long Beach
  • Joey Abugotal: Cal State University Long Beach

Senior “Exit Interviews” as They Leave the Nest

By Iris Buckley

We asked some senior students the same six “exit interview” questions about their review of John Glenn High School. Are they happy they’re leaving the nest? Or are they as sad to leave as we are to see them go? Let’s review!

1. How has your experience been at John Glenn?

“It has been a lot of things all at once. A lot of things happen in high school, and I understand that, but I think over here it just magnifies twice as much and it’s not always good; but that’s just how it’s always been at John Glenn.”
– Karissa Meno

“The last four years of high school have honestly been so emotionally abusing and terrorizing. It’s put me through so much incredible trauma that I never thought I’d have to overcome in my life.”
– Adriana Zaragoza

“I wouldn’t say it was good but I wouldn’t say it was bad. I’ve met pretty good people here, so I guess that’s the good part. The bad part is teachers and schoolwork.”
– Leslie Cardenas

2. What was your favorite class, and why?

“My favorite class was drama in freshman year because it was just so fun and filled with friends.”
– Em Holy

“I have two: journalism and band. Band because I like music, and journalism because it’s so fun to write things for the newspaper.”
– Leslie Cardenas

“Choir, because that’s where I got confidence to talk to more people.”
– Evelyn Magaña

3. What’s your favorite memory at John Glenn?

“I think my favorite memory is leadership or band, [especially] when we used to do competitions and activities.”
– Leslie Cardenas

“My favorite memory of John Glenn is leaving it.”
– Dennis Vera

“Meeting all my friends that I have right now. Even though they can be a pain, I still love them.”
– Evelyn Magaña

4. Did you join any sports or extracurriculars at John Glenn? If so, how many, and how was the experience?

“I joined leadership, cheer, drama and journalism, so that’s four. I would say it was very stressful. If the time was managed better it would’ve been less stressful.”
– Evelyn Magaña

“I did sports my first 3 years of high school, nothing this year. Freshman year I did basketball and tennis; sophomore year I did basketball and volleyball; and junior year I did football and basketball. I’ve also been a part of AVID Club for 2 years now.”
– Carlos Lopez

“I have never joined any extra courses here. I’m only here when I have to be.”
– Dennis Vera

5. Who’s your favorite teacher at John Glenn?

“Mr. Higgins is my favorite teacher because he understands me the most.”
– Karissa Meno

“It would be a tie between Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Higgins.”
– Carlos Lopez

“My freshman year, my favorite teacher was Mrs. Braun, my sophomore favorite was Mr. Wroten, my junior favorite was Ms. Nichols, and my senior favorite is a mix of Mr. Higgins, Mrs. Johnson, and Mrs. De Lama because they all inspired me to go to college as an English major.”
– Adriana Zaragoza

6. Are you happy you’re leaving John Glenn?

“I’d say mostly yes, I’m very much looking forward to the college experience and I’ve made some good memories here but the way I see it is it’s just another chapter ending. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
– Carlos Lopez

“Oh definitely! I mean, I am going to miss good teachers and seeing my friends every day, but the environment here is way too negative and I can’t do it anymore.”
– Karissa Meno

“Yes, 100%! I’m gonna miss Mr. Higgins and Mrs. Lorenzana but I’m happy to get out of here.”
– Leslie Cardenas

Farewell Messages to the Class of ’23 from Eagle Staff & Students

Compiled by Evelyn Magaña

As the end of the year comes, it’s time for Eagles to say farewell to the class of 2023.

My favorite movie is Auntie Mame starring the great Rosalind Russell. Her character, Mame, says, “Life’s a banquet, and the most poor suckers are starving to death!” To the class of ‘23, go out there and live! Enjoy the banquet.

— Ms. Harrington

From Mrs. Cruz

ASB Seniors, I am going to miss you guys. Thanks for making great things happen. Please continue to be a leader in your community. Best Wishes for the future.

Janeen and Gabby, I don’t know how I will do ASB without you. Thanks for guiding me through this year.

I am going to miss you.

In full Language Arts teacher mode, I will quote William Shakespeare, from Julius Caesar:

“Whether we shall meet again I know not.

Therefore our everlasting farewell take:

For ever, and forever, farewell!

If we do meet again, why, we shall smile;

If not, why, then this parting was well made.”

Class of ‘23, you are special, and you are loved. Be well and be kind.

– Love, Mr. Higgins

Congratulations, seniors! I’m so proud of you for everything you’ve overcome through the pandemic, and everything you’ve achieved! Always know that I’m here for you and that you are stronger than you know!
I’m sending you off with lots of love and prayers,

— Ms. Lorenzana

Teachers Remember You

Class of 2023,

You were sophomores during the crazy days of zoom. I may not recognize your faces but I’ll never forget your names. Take care and best of luck in the future.

– D. Wroten

Class of 2023,

Always be bold, be courageous, be your best! Remember there’s always going to be a new moment and a new opportunity. Never stop dreaming. Congratulations!

– Mrs. Johnson

“SENIORS YOU DID IT! Remember, Eagles are fearless. They fly high, rise above the storm, and are courageous. Congratulations, Class Of 2023”

— Ms. Roxy

From Students

-Halie Ambriz-Olivas

My shoutout is to senior Janeen Ramos and Hailey Stoner. I hope you guys have a great and bright future ahead of you. You guys are such very kind and supportive cheer captains. I believe in you guys to do great in the future and have big things ahead of you guys in life.

– Love Maritza

To Drea,
I love you very much, Drea. Thank you for being a great teammate, friend, and family. Forever going to keep you very close in my heart. I pray and hope that all your hopes and dreams are made a reality. Through your hard work and dedication you will triumph in life. With your kind soul you will create unbreakable bonds. I love you, Drea, and there’s no doubt that I’ll be missing you.  😦

-Maritza 🙂

Dear Javi,
Thank you for being such a great person. I appreciate and thank you for all your wise words and all that you do for me! Thanks for never declining my calls even if I had just called you minutes before. Cheers to you, Javi. Can’t wait for our road trip to Vegas.

It’s Okay to Feel Stuck Now

By Adriana Zaragoza

A lot of us are going off to college and planning our new lives as we now graduate high school and start a new life. To those who have no idea where to go from here, this is for you. It’s okay to feel stuck now–we’re entering a different phase of our lives. So, where do we begin?

1) Financial Stability

You now have a multitude of opportunities when it comes to how you want to make money. Personally, two of the easiest options for me were: 1) Download Indeed–it’s a great app to find jobs and put yourself out there to employers; and 2) Apply for a job at your local market or shopping center. I feel it’s best to work somewhere you obviously like and are familiar with, especially if you’re in range. Remember to be yourself.

2) Want vs. Need:

This quick reminder should have been with you your entire life but it definitely applies now. What you need is far more important than what you want, at most times. It’s incredibly important to create a budget for your life when it comes to financial, emotional, and academic needs. When you feed your mind, body, and life, what it needs to grow, it will. Don’t set yourself back for a temporary want.

3) Okay, but like, what now?

You grow, and you learn, and the best part is, it’s at your own pace. You can go to college and develop a career, you can start working a job and make money, or even better, you can start your own business and become an entrepreneur. The ideas are genuinely endless. Find out what you love and find a way to do it for the rest of your life. 

4) And if I don’t want to do anything?

Then simply don’t. 🙂 Sleep, think, do whatever you would like to do. I can not control your life, and neither can the school system. You’re now free so enjoy it. 

Lastly, before freaking out, I know so many of us seniors are in the same boat. Know to not be afraid but to test yourself at your greatest talent. I hope all of you take your new chance of freedom to create something lovely because it’s ok to feel stuck now.

Congratulations, class of 2023! We freaking did it!

Boys Volleyball Season in Review

By Laura Gomez

Boys volleyball had quite a rough season this year with an overall record of 2-14. They managed to secure their 2 wins by beating Cantwell and Pioneer High School.

Some of the team’s struggles were due to a lack of communication, mental errors, and hitting errors. When asked about how the season was, Coach Reyes stated: “It didn’t go as expected, and they struggled with consistency.” It was a rocky season with several mental challenges, but you can only go up from rock bottom.

Boys volleyball struggled on the court, however they did gain a preferable bond. They formed a family, and newcomers were welcomed with open arms to brotherhood. Since most of the team were seniors, incoming players have big shoes to fill.

Senior night was unfortunately taken away from the players due to a misunderstanding against Artesia High School. Artesia moved the game from Glenn to Artesia, so that they could showcase their newly renovated gym. After the game however, the boys volleyball team was welcomed back at Glenn with open arms from their supporters with posters, gifts, and their coaches’ farewell.

Overall the season was rough and lacking in consistency, but several memories and laughter were shared on the court.

Beautiful Day to Save Lives

By Laura Gomez

The JGHS American Red Cross donation event collected 150 pints of blood. 70 John Glenn High School Students have saved 450 lives with their donation of those 150 pints of blood. The second blood drive of the school year for the American Red Cross was on April 25, 2023 which took place in the school’s gym.

The blood drive was held at the gym from 7 in the morning to 3:35 in the afternoon. It was organized more efficiently compared to the first semester’s Drive. CSF organized this event and allowed CSF and AVID Club members to volunteer. We have been hosting this event at Glenn for at least 10 years. CSF provided snacks, drinks, meals, and music; and once you donated, you were able to pick a shirt of the ones that were displayed.

12 of the JGHS students who donated gave “Power Red.” A Power Red donor donates double the amount of a regular donor and receives plasma and platelets. Once they donated, the volunteers made sure students rested for at least 30 minutes, with snacks and drinks just to make sure they were good to go.

Overall, I would like to thank Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Kennedy, Robert Torres, who always advertises these events, the 70 donors, the volunteers, and last but not least the nurses who got the job done.

Tips for Underclassmen to Survive High School

By Stany Hernandez

  1. Be Nice to Your Teachers and Staff

Besides the obvious benefit of simply being a good person, you should be nicer to your teachers and staff. Oftentimes when you are in trouble or need assistance, they will be more willing to help the people who don’t make their life a living hell. If you’re a senior or struggling student, they can also be a deciding factor or whether you graduate or repeat classes.

  1. Ask Staff about Opportunities

If you’re an overachiever or simply want to be prepared for the field of your choice, it’s always a good idea to ask your teachers. Teachers and counselors can be your greatest resources if you simply ask. Remember, they have worked in their fields and have family in others, it doesn’t hurt asking even if it seems unrelated. (I highlyyyyyy recommend talking to Ms. Afshar–She’s the best!)

  1. Ask Your Senior Friends about Classes

Before making decisions about what classes you’re taking for the next year, ask the seniors who have taken them. They can give you an honest opinion about every class they’ve taken and whether or not the class is a good decision overall. You should especially ask those in multiple activities and extracurriculars as this can give you an idea of the level of commitment it might take.

  1. Join Activities On or Off Campus

Socially, clubs and sports can be the greatest way to meet people. It gives you an opportunity to hang out with existing friends and go to events you wouldn’t think of going to otherwise (ex: going to Knott’s for $10, going to Six Flags).

  1. ENJOY IT!!

For people who are just focused on preparing for college and getting accepted, just please remember to enjoy your time here. It’s okay not to take the AP class if you’re only taking it for the GPA boost. What’s the use of stressing yourself out a grade you’re constantly battling to get to and possibly not attain? It’s so easy to just obsess over school and do nothing but drown in homework, but it’s okay to take it easy.

Advice for Upcoming Senior Class of 2024

By Cesar Martinez

1. You upcoming senior year is going to be the biggest and longest year of your high school life. You’ll have a lot of exciting opportunities to explore but also a lot of important decisions to make. Make sure you take advantage of all the resources your school has to offer like college prep classes and guidance counselors. 

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice when you need it. And most importantly, make sure you enjoy your last year of high school. It’s a special time that you’ll remember your whole life.

3. As an upcoming senior it’s important to start thinking about your future plans. Whether you’re planning on going to college or taking a gap year, make sure you’re doing things that will set you up for success. Take challenging courses join clubs and organizations that go with your interests, and start looking into scholarship opportunities. 

Also don’t forget to enjoy your senior year. It’s your last year of high school so make the most of it by making memorable moments with your friends.

NBA Update: Rounding up Big Trades

By Carlos Lopez

As the NBA regular season comes to a close, with only a few games left before its conclusion, I’ll go over some of the ‘blockbuster’ trades that happened throughout this season.

Suns-Nets-Bucks-Pacers Trade (KD to the Suns)

Starting with one-half of what was arguably THE trade this season, Kevin Durant went to the Suns. The entire trade package was huge, and included:

Suns Receive:          

Kevin Durant, TJ Warren

Nets Receive:

Mikal Bridges, Cameron Johnson, Juan Pablo Vaulet, 2023 first-round pick (from Phoenix) , 2025 first-round pick (from Phoenix) , 2027 first-round pick (from Phoenix), 2028 first-round pick swap (from Phoenix), 2028 second-round pick (from Milwaukee), 2029 first-round pick (from Phoenix), 2029 second-round pick (from Milwaukee)

Bucks Receive:

Jae Crowder

Pacers Receive:

George Hill, Serge Ibaka, Jordan Nwora, three future second-round picks (from Milwaukee), cash considerations (from Brooklyn)

This trade (along with the Kyrie Irving trade) has shaken the NBA to its core. With the introduction of KD and Kyrie to the Western Conference, the playoffs now seem to have taken a twist.

Mavericks-Nets Trade (Kyrie to the Nets)

I mentioned this trade earlier when I discussed the KD trade, as they were both traded from Brooklyn. This trade wasn’t as impactful as the KD trade since this trade only involved the Mavericks and the Nets. The trade included:

Mavericks Receive:

Kyrie Irving, Markieff Morris

Nets Receive:

Spencer Dinwiddie, Dorian Finney-Smith, 2027 second-round pick, 2029 first-round pick (unprotected), 2029 second-round pick

While this trade had no immediate effect on the league besides for the Mavs and Nets, I believe there will be some consequences (either positive or negative) later on in the playoffs.

Lakers-Timberwolves-Jazz Trade

And last but not least, I’ll be talking about the 3-team trade that most notably led to the departure of Russell Westbrook from the Lakers. It went as follows:

Lakers Receive:

D’Angelo Russell, Malik Beasley, Jarred Vanderbilt

Timberwolves Receive:

Mike Conley, Nickeil Alexander-Walker, 2024 second-round pick (from Lakers), 2025 second-round pick (from Jazz), 2026 2nd round pick (from Jazz)

Jazz Receive:

Russell Westbrook, Juan Toscano-Anderson, Damian Jones 2027, 1st-round pick (from Lakers)

This trade seems to have helped the Lakers slightly since it added more depth to their roster. The elephant in the room, however, is Russell Westbrook. He had a brief stay in Utah as they eventually agreed to a buyout. Afterwards he signed with the Clippers, where he seemed to have settled rather nicely (good for him).

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