It’s Okay to Feel Stuck Now

By Adriana Zaragoza

A lot of us are going off to college and planning our new lives as we now graduate high school and start a new life. To those who have no idea where to go from here, this is for you. It’s okay to feel stuck now–we’re entering a different phase of our lives. So, where do we begin?

1) Financial Stability

You now have a multitude of opportunities when it comes to how you want to make money. Personally, two of the easiest options for me were: 1) Download Indeed–it’s a great app to find jobs and put yourself out there to employers; and 2) Apply for a job at your local market or shopping center. I feel it’s best to work somewhere you obviously like and are familiar with, especially if you’re in range. Remember to be yourself.

2) Want vs. Need:

This quick reminder should have been with you your entire life but it definitely applies now. What you need is far more important than what you want, at most times. It’s incredibly important to create a budget for your life when it comes to financial, emotional, and academic needs. When you feed your mind, body, and life, what it needs to grow, it will. Don’t set yourself back for a temporary want.

3) Okay, but like, what now?

You grow, and you learn, and the best part is, it’s at your own pace. You can go to college and develop a career, you can start working a job and make money, or even better, you can start your own business and become an entrepreneur. The ideas are genuinely endless. Find out what you love and find a way to do it for the rest of your life. 

4) And if I don’t want to do anything?

Then simply don’t. 🙂 Sleep, think, do whatever you would like to do. I can not control your life, and neither can the school system. You’re now free so enjoy it. 

Lastly, before freaking out, I know so many of us seniors are in the same boat. Know to not be afraid but to test yourself at your greatest talent. I hope all of you take your new chance of freedom to create something lovely because it’s ok to feel stuck now.

Congratulations, class of 2023! We freaking did it!

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