Self Love is the Best Love: Spring Picnic Planning

By Destiny Padilla

Picnics are an enjoyable way to spend a spring day with friends or a significant other.

There are a few key points to consider when planning a picnic, one of which is, if you will have a theme or if it will be a traditional picnic. For a traditional picnic you will need a blanket, basket, activities, and the food you desire. If you don’t know which activities to do, you can paint, bring board games, and try DIY projects.

During this time you can relieve stress and appreciate the environment around you. A traditional picnic has more of a natural feeling, but if you would like to go all out then a themed picnic would be perfect for you. Encouraging a theme will make the picnic and friends enthusiastic. Some popular ones you should try are Disney, Sanrio, or a favorite game you all enjoy. It is important to consider if everyone likes the theme and all agree on it.

Make sure you all have communication on who is bringing what, a scheduled time and place, and the proper dress attire. One perfect suggestion is, each person should bring their own charcuterie board. The charcuterie board should go along with the theme and have its own individual specialties. Let your friends know the simple concept of your board, but let the final product remain a secret to surprise everyone at the picnic!

Despite the possibility that everyone may not be photogenic, a memory of a lovely picnic with friends or a partner is one that should last a lifetime. Take photos to cherish these times, hence you will always think back at these valuable memories.

Have a wonderful picnic date this spring break!