Cheerleading at Glenn Supportive and Inclusive

By Evelyn Magaña

The cheer program at John Glenn High School grew a lot from last school year, so much so that they were able to have both a varsity and a junior varsity squad.

In my opinion, the program is a really good one–it has a very positive environment for newcomers, and you get welcomed with open arms by many other cheerleaders. I went into this team with no experience at all but they helped me learn how to break out of my shell, and build my leadership skills, and make new friends.

But just like all the other sport teams in a high school, there could be one thing that gets better for me–I wish that the JV girls would get more recognition because they are still a part of the team. There were not many chances to show what JV could do as there was only 1 game by ourselves; and when they were gonna come together as a full squad, JV was in the back and we kinda looked out of place. Even though I feel like it shouldn’t have happened, the issue was definitely fixed over time.

The cheerleaders at JGHS are very supportive and they help you when you fall. They help you no matter how much you know, and the memories that you make with these girls, you keep them forever. It’s been a little while since I left and I still remember how much fun I had. I was the captain of the JV Cheer Squad during the football session but I had to leave due to the fact that I was behind on school work. The bonding moments we would have as a team has taught me so much on how to work as a team.

So if you are an underclassman (grades 9-11), I highly recommend you at least try to be a part of the John Glenn cheer team next year. You will join a supportive and positive squad.

Pics courtesy the JGHS Cheer Instagram Page