Review: Sprouts Farmers Market Opens in Norwalk

By Adriana Zaragoza

LOCATED ON ALONDRA BLVD: 11522 Alondra Blvd, Norwalk, CA 90650

I went to the new Sprouts Farmers Market on Alondra in Norwalk. As a resident in Norwalk, who lives around middle class, I was pretty curious as to what this store offered to us. When we pulled up, it was a very nice and fixed up area compared to what was there before. I honestly thought it looked impressive, and my dad said it “didn’t look like it belonged there.” The manager himself says he tries to keep up the good look they have, hoping to attain more business and keep them going.

The parking lot was actually pretty populated, yet still somewhat spacious. It includes an empty dirt area for what looks like future pumpkin patches or Christmas tree lots.

Walking in, you are introduced to about three to four self checkout machines, and a beautiful array of food. They even have a personal area where you can fill up personal goodie bags with peanuts, seeds, dried fruit, and other dry food products. 

It was all beautiful and nicely arranged. The food was all healthy and organic of course, being a farmers market. Now I did notice the prices of the food being more pricey and expensive compared to regular grocery stores like Walmart, or Target even. All the food was packaged nicely, and you definitely are paying for good quality food but it definitely does depend on your budget.

Besides prices, the variety was high. Lots of new, great, organic products to look through and find. Sprouts has absolutely great and welcoming service, and the lines went by pretty quickly. It genuinely is a nice place, although maybe a little too nice for Norwalk. Although it is new, and what I feel is out of my low/mid class budget, I do feel it has some hope. Healthy food is good food. Hopefully Norwalk can see that with this new Sprouts Farmers Market.