Best Date Spots for Valentine’s Day

By Adriana Zaragoza and Carlos Lopez

Are you trying to figure out where to go this year for Valentine’s Day? These are the top ten best places to take your Valentine, both affordable and expensive. Picked by yours truly at The Shoemaker Bugle.

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  • A dinner for two at Olive Garden
  • A bookstore date (Barnes & Noble)
  • A picnic for two, with a side activity (painting, flower lego sets, We’re Not Really Strangers card game)
  • A day at the aquarium (Aquarium of the Pacific, around $40 per person)
  • Sweethearts Night at Disneyland Resort (ticket price starting at $129 per guest)
  • Heart-shaped food date (Chick-Fil-A brownie or mini sandwich heart trays; heart-shaped pizzas at California Pizza Kitchen; donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts)
  • Night at the movies (AMC Norwalk, Harkins Cerritos, or Regal Cerritos)
  • Evening at Golf N’ Stuff
  • Picnic at the park or beach of your choice
  • Evening at a upscale sit-down restaurant