Favorite Christmas Traditions at JGHS

By Kelly Catap

Christmas Traditions are a way for people to celebrate Christmas and spend time with their family and friends! This upcoming holiday, people around school were asked what their favorite Christmas traditions are. 

Decorating the Christmas tree, listening to Christmas songs, watching Christmas movies, giving gifts, and putting the Elf on the Shelf are traditionally appreciated by others. It brings the holiday spirit and makes everyone feel content.

Students mentioned cutting the Rosca de Reyes bread. It is a fun traditional Christmas activity. Every member is given a sweet bread, but only one contains a baby inside it. Whoever finds the baby in their bread has to be the one to cook tamales for everyone next time! 

A special Christmas tradition is celebrating birthdays. Christmas birthdays are considered to be rare and lucky. 

A favorite Christmas tradition that everyone can agree is most important is spending time with family and friends. Christmas wouldn’t be fulfilled without them. It’s good to cherish your loved ones and express your gratitude for them. You can spend time with family by praying together, cooking dinner, eating tamales, and visiting each other for the holidays! 

Have a Merry Christmas! 

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