Opinion: Restrooms Make Students Uncomfortable

By Jacob Gonzalez

Students at John Glenn High School are disgusted and uncomfortable with their student restrooms. On a normal day at school, students sometimes need to go to the restroom. The problem with it is that they don’t even feel comfortable doing so. The school restrooms are something you can’t even describe.

It is gross for the boys’ restroom when there is trash everywhere and graffiti on the walls. The restrooms are too small and all the stalls feel so small. When inside a stall there’s often no toilet paper, and the toilet paper that is used is so cheap it’s too delicate for use.

For the womens’ restroom it is also similar. I’ve interviewed a couple of female students and they’ve told me that it is sometimes so gross that they can’t even do their business. Girls say that there are hygiene products on the floor or even on the toilet.

I interviewed a student whose name is Mikalya. She is a 12th grader here at Glenn and she also agrees with my opinion. She thinks that the school restrooms need to be open more often and there should be more trash cans in the bathroom area. Students would say they would use the office restroom because there is privacy and that it is cleaner and just better in general.

With the restrooms we are given, it isn’t that the janitors don’t clean it right. The janitors here are great; they do their job as best as they can. Rather, it is we the students who don’t take care of our restrooms. It is disappointing that there are some of us that are more mature than others. It isn’t hard to be clean and respectful to our restrooms. We the students should keep our stalls clean and pick up after ourselves.