Opinion: JGHS Needs More Sports Involvement–Here’s How

By Edmundo Manriquez

Involvement in sports at John Glenn High School is declining. Why? Most of our sports fail to win games, win titles, or make it to the CIF playoffs, and why is that?

I believe it’s due to the high workload and expectations that the student athletes have to get in order to play for the school. Student athletes are not able to continue sports due to having low grades, and for that reason, many are not able to continue playing their sports.

Most student athletes who are in sports don’t do advanced classes or strive to gain a higher GPA, and that is due to having to dedicate most of their time in their sport and having to decide which to sacrifice, which is either sleep or doing homework for their classes. Student athletes have a certain amount of time to get a GPA of 2.0 and if they don’t get to that requirement they will not be able to participate in that sport for the entire season of that school year.

As a student athlete, ways to overcome these problems is to communicate with your teacher and let them know that you may be busy or overwhelmed and most of the time they will understand. It is very important to let your teachers know ahead of time or they will mostly deny your requests.

Use your time in school wisely, use the time you have in class to finish up schoolwork so you don’t have to work as much at home. Communicate to your coaches, let them know that you may not be able to show up due to school work, and most of the time they will be understanding. Just make sure you let them know beforehand or else they will think that you are irresponsible and will affect how future practices work.