Bring Your “Bestea” and Drink Some Boba

By Michael Rodriguez, Richard Sanchez, and Genesis Garcia

Besteas Boba knocked it out of the park for the grand opening on August 20th 2022.

Located at 13041 Rosecrans Avenue, STE204 in Norwalk, Besteas Boba customers were spotted lining up around the building just for a taste of their delicious boba. Exclusive Besteas boba tumble cups, coming in either baby blue or pink, and tote bags were given to the first 50 customers purchasing any of their delectable treats and drinks. Grand opening deals were also included, such as “Buy 2, get 1 free” on all drink options. 

Norwalk Mayor Rick Ramirez was present at the opening and eagerly waited to cut the red ribbon with owners, Young and Dave. With Mayor Ramirez’s help, Dave and Young cut the ribbon to welcome their customers into the shop. 

The name Besteas Boba is a portmanteau, which means the name has multiple meanings, such as Best-Teas referring to the shop having the best teas in the area and another for Besties, because in most cases when getting boba people bring their best friends along.  

Many guests were in a hurry just to be one of the first 50 people to receive a tote bag and tumbler cup. Some customers even reported a lady repeatedly trying to grab a tumbler cup and tote bag through plexiglass until she was finally able to reach around and grab the items. A customer reported, “She kept trying to get the bag and the plexiglass kept shaking, when the lady grabbed the bag and cup she tried to hide it away and play it off like nothing happened, then she just scooched her way out and left.”

Besteas Boba now includes new milk options such as almond and oat milks; it serves macarons in 6 flavors (Strawberry & Cream Cheese, Vanilla Bean, Espresso, Taro, Earl Grey, and Green Tea).

You can check their Instagram @Besteasboba, where they constantly post their BTS pop up events, happy hours, and boba deals, plus their regular updates to the menu, and much more. They have even reduced prices for students and are currently having happy hour from 12-4pm. At happy hour, you can spin a wheel after a purchase to possibly win prizes, such as a free drink, free macaroon, free snacks and many more deals.

Besteas is open every day from 11:30am-9pm.