Protect our Bewitching Black Cats

By Destiny Padilla

The superstitions of black cats have led to the cruelty, abuse, and non-tolerable acts on Halloween day. Usually cats are adorable furry animals that people adopt to love for a lifetime, but on Halloween, black cats do not get the same treatment.

For centuries, black cats have been viewed as cursed and causing you to have misfortune, this has led to the despicable injuries that go as far as death to black cats.

European folklore tells how if a black cat crosses your path then they will give you a future worth of bad luck. The reason this myth is valued is because black cats are viewed as witches’ companions. The injuries that they endure are getting their fur cut off, being held against their will, and even being beaten.

These harmful acts only get more extreme during Halloween, and some people go to the extent of adopting black cats the day before Halloween. The reason why they adopt them is not your typical “love at first sight adoption,” it is to hold the black cat captive until the 31st so that they can take advantage of them.

Black cats do not deserve this treatment, there needs to be protection to make the abuse stop. One thing you can do to help is when you see a stray black cat you can take care of it or let someone trustworthy give it a home. Protecting our loving black cats must start now!