Red Ants, Potholes, and No Water Fountains. . . OH MY!

By Naidy Cuardras & Betsy Carranza

For the past years, Southeast Academy has had many issues that should be taken into consideration. We do physical training for less than an hour around 4-5 days a week. Discipline is something that many students learn here, however due to the presence of red ants and potholes in our field, this has recently become a health and safety concern. Many students have been injured as a result of these red ants and potholes. Potholes cause cadets to trip and twist their ankles, while red ants inflict severe discomfort and burning (itchiness). Mrs. Johnson, a math and Physical training teacher at Southeast Academy, said “It’s horrendous. This issue has been brought up by the school faculty and nothing has been done. We’re not asking for a big football field… just a track. That way they have a clear path that won’t cause any injuries. ” Ms. J has been out there herself and has avoided going out since, mostly due to the swarm of red ants that will bite her again. Melody Castro, a Southeast Academy junior, is one among the numerous kids that has been injured in the grass area.

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At Southeast Academy High school we are constantly staying hydrated. In fact, it is a part of our uniform to bring water bottles with us. When it comes to P.T. (physical training), Southeast cadets are always on their feet. The majority of the time, students finish their water bottles and have to constantly refill them.  Yes, there are drinking fountains, but do they actually help? When we look at our fountain stations, we can see that half of them don’t function, and the water doesn’t come out. In this school, a water filter would be quite useful because the water supply is inequitable for Southeast Academy cadets. Staying hydrated and having to complete P.T. without water is a risk, since dehydration may lead to many cadets passing out. The fountain itself is likely covered in germs, in addition, the tap water could likely become polluted with chemicals and bacteria. The more individuals who come in contact with the fountain, the more contaminated it becomes. With a water dispenser, we would just place a water bottle on the dispenser and water would flow. 

As a cadet at Southeast, I feel that we should have a change similar to what John Glenn has surrounding its football field. We hope to create little but meaningful improvements, not just for ourselves, but also for future Southeast Academy High School cadets. WE WANT THINGS TO BE DIFFERENT! It is not fair for any student to have an unsafe environment at school. Some schools get more of what they need for students, while others are left with less resources. Isn’t it true that we’re all one and the same?