Video Game Review — Sonic Colors: Ultimate

By Yael Ventura

Originally released on the Nintendo Wii on November 10, 2010, Sonic Colors was loved by hardcore fans and newcomers alike. Ten years later, the team Blind Squirrel has remastered the video game, now in 4K/60FPS for today’s consoles and for new and old fans alike to the Sonic series. Sonic Colors: Ultimate hopes to capture what made the original great and beloved by fans with a multi-platform release. The game is available for purchase on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Epic Games Store. 

Sonic Colors: Ultimate features Sonic the Hedgehog, accompanied by his sidekick and best friend Tails the Fox, as they investigate Dr. Eggman’s new interstellar amusement park believing the doctor is up to no good. Along the way, a captured alien race called “Wisps” join up with Sonic as they free the captured aliens and uncover Dr. Eggman’s true plans.

The game features a mix of 3D platforming action alongside 2D side scrolling. As with what defines the Sonic franchise, speed is a major factor of the game. Blast through the new colorful stages to reach the goal as fast as you can. New to the franchise are “Wisps” which power up Sonic, letting players discover new routes and sections to each level, giving tons of replay value to the game.

The game is a wonderful experience to play through for fans coming back to the game after ten years or new ones who don’t know what a “Sonic the Hedgehog” is. Of course for as much as the game is great, it isn’t without it’s multiple issues. The game features a couple of glitches ranging from certain music not playing when needed, to the game play’s possible ability to cause seizures.

Blind Squirrel rolled out day-one patches to mitigate the very damaging glitches with more patches fixing smaller glitches. Most of the issues stem from the Nintendo Switch version of the game, which forced Nintendo to give out refunds to those who bought the game digitally and want their money back (they don’t normally provide this service). This remaster is splitting the fanbase apart with some who are happy with being able to replay a fan-favorite game and others disappointed to see the Sonic franchise release yet another unfinished game.

Even with it’s issues, the game still holds up as a good, fun, and enjoyable time with a ton of replay value.