Joseph Kilis

Joseph Kilis is a senior at John Glenn High School in Norwalk, California. He is currently the Vice President of the Journalism club and the Student Life editor of The Shoemaker Bugle, Publicity Officer for the California Scholarships Federation (CSF), and is the lead alto saxophone player in the John Glenn Marching Band. He enjoys watching movies and listening to music, (specifically movie orchestrations) and loves hanging out with his three pets, an Australian Cattle Dog named Leia, a German Shepard/Husky mix named Sadie, and a Lionhead bunny named Trixie. He also loves photography and video direction, along with creative writing. His favorite sources to gain information consist of FOX News, NPR, CNN, ABC News, and KTLA 5. Joseph is currently taking many AP Courses, and has stated that he is enjoying his senior year.