Senior Farewell: Thanking Impactful Teachers

By Monse Juarez

To Ms. Braun: 

First off, I would like to thank you for always having thoughtful conversations with me. I really learned a lot from you about what it’s like to be a responsible adult. I appreciate that you always took your time to make sure that your students were well-informed about college. Lastly, thank you for teaching me the importance of  hard work and diligence. 

To Ms. Walizadeh:

Thank you for taking the time to check up on your students and give them a place to engage in academic and philosophical discussions. The questions you asked us showed me that there is always more to discuss than what is on the surface. I really appreciate how you made us question things instead of simply accepting them. Lastly, thank you for the great books you suggested for us. I really enjoyed them and they helped me become a more attentive student. 

To Mr. Le:

I would like to thank Mr. Le for all of his hard work and his amazing dedication to his students. Thank you for all the time you have put into test corrections and for all the opportunities you have given us to learn. Thank you for all the memories from AP Chemistry my junior year. I never imagined such a hard class could be so fun, but you made it possible. 

P.S. I think I’m taller than you, Mr. Shortie.

To Ms. Johnson:

Thank you for always being a positive and encouraging teacher throughout my 4 years at Glenn. Thank you for showing your students how to be active members of the community in Norwalk. You have set the best example in community service. I appreciate your efforts in promoting the CSF club because the club has helped so many JGHS students get scholarships for college.

To Ms. Kennedy:

Ms. Kennedy I can’t tell you how much I missed you as a math teacher during my junior year. You are truly a great math teacher and role model for anyone that is lucky enough to have you as a teacher. I am grateful that I got to know you because your jokes are by far some of the best. Your banter with Rafa was priceless and I wish to become a great jokester like you one day. 

To Ms. Alcala:

Ms. Alcala, thank you for all the positive vibes that you give. I have never met such an optimistic teacher as yourself. It amazes me how you manage to keep such a vibrant attitude even when things aren’t going well. Thank you for showing me that it’s always better to keep a positive attitude. Your class has always been a great environment to learn in and I thank you for creating a place where students feel encouraged to pursue their dreams.

To Mr. Higgins: 

Mr. Higgins, I will never forget your amazing acting skills. I honestly believe that no other Hollywood actor could take your spot as Holden Caulfield. It is simply impossible. Thank you for making writing feel like a breezy thing to do. I’ve always felt that writing is tedious, but in your class I actually felt like I wasn’t such a bad writer (even though I probably am). Lastly, thank you for inspiring so much creativity in your students. It was a really fun experience and all the memories I made in your class are priceless for me.

To Ms. Garcia:

First off, I would like to thank you for being such an inspiring teacher and person overall. You are one of the most amazing women I have ever met in my life. I was really impressed with the changes in your career and how when you came to the United States you had to go to college all over again. Thank you for making me into the most responsible and hardworking person I could be. There are so many lessons that I learned from you and I am grateful that you always pushed me to do my absolute best in your class. 

To Ms. Frazier:

Ms. Frazier, I really missed your class after my freshman year because I didn’t have you as a teacher anymore. You are such a great teacher and I really had the most fun doing sports in your class. Thank you for always being an encouraging person. I’ve always enjoyed talking to you because you’re a very kind and understanding person. Thank you for all the fun memories!

To Mr. Barr: 

Mr. Barr, thank you for always being a cool history teacher. I always enjoyed your sarcastic remarks in class even when other students in the class didn’t quite catch on. Thank you for always making us participate in AP Human Geography even though we were severely antisocial. Lastly, thank you for always teaching us about practical things like credit scores because it was the first time most of us realized that we didn’t actually want to grow up.