Season Two of “The Mandalorian” Review

By Brandon Nunez

The second season of The Mandalorian is underway and only two episodes away from its season finale. It stars Pedro Pascal as “Mando,” Gina Carano as “Cara Dune,” Carl Weathers as “Greef Karga,” Giancarlo Esposito as “Moff Gideon,” and Rosario Dawson as “Ahsoka Tano,” with Temuera Morrison taking the role of “Boba Fett” (after playing his father, Jango Fett) and Grogu (baby Yoda) who is voiced by David Acord.

The story currently follows on Mando’s quest to find his and Grogu’s kind to raise him and help him control his powers. In the meantime, he is helping people to honor his code and gain information; all while being pursued by the remnants of the Empire.

The show takes its time to establish the people and communities that Mando meets and his effects on them. It also gives us insight on the different Mandalorian cultures across the galaxy and how Mando’s culture has a problem with taking off helmets while most other Mandalorians don’t. In season two, the show focuses more on Mando’s relationship with Grogu as a fusion between a funny/straight man and a father/son act. 

The Empire seems to want to use Grogu as a means to clone something ominous under the jurisdiction of seemingly Grand Admiral Thrawn from Rebels. In the latest episode, Grogu is captured by the Empire and Mando seeks the help from Boba and a returning Fennec Shand (played by Ming-Na Wen). We have yet to see what pans out from this in the next couple of episodes. 

Something to look forward to is the many characters from past Star Wars media coming back, such as Ahsoka Tano and Bo-Katan (played by Katee Sackhoff) from the Clone Wars/Rebels TV series, and the legendary Boba Fett from the movies.

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  • I am loving this series, and I was thrilled to actually learn the Child’s name: Grogu! Thanks for the article, Brandon! 🙂