Personal Covid-19 Narrative

By An Anonymous Student

Have you ever thought about what it might feel like to have the virus in this ongoing pandemic? I’ll tell you my side of the story.

I woke up and I started doing the normal daily routine, going into my computer and going into 1st period. I had been feeling off that day. I was having somewhat of a sore throat, but I blamed it on sleeping. However, the day before, my dad went to get tested because he got potentially exposed to the virus a couple days before at work. The test ended up coming out positive. My parents, my brother, and I all had to quarantine ourselves.

Later that day, I was feeling some flu symptoms. It was fairly cold that day, but I was submerged into my pool of sweat. I had a bit of difficultly breathing, and I was practically convinced that I also got the virus. Knowing that I possibly had the virus made me scared. Later that night, I woke up, sweating once again, and because of the sudden jolt, my blood pressure had dropped. That feeling isn’t fun.

For the rest of the week, everyone in our household had to wear a mask 24/7. Considering we live in a small house, it was hard to distance ourselves. Later that week, my mom, my brother, and I went to a city in L.A. to get tested. The lines weren’t long and we went in and out in less than 30 minutes. It was a smooth process. Considering there weren’t a lot of people, the results came in the next day. I ended up testing positive and my mom and brother tested negative. So now it was me and my dad being positive and my mom and brother being negative. My parents didn’t want to necessarily tell people in our family; we didn’t want to worry people.

The day after I tested positive, I had been receiving several phone calls from my doctor and people from the L.A. Health Department. It was somewhat overwhelming. They had to check up on me daily and make sure I was taking the medicines they had prescribed me. They also had to ask me so many questions.

Having Covid while trying to go through online school was kind of tough. I wasn’t able to focus completely through the class, even when I tried. I was more focusing on myself. I was so exhausted, I tried not to sleep during class. I had completely lost my sense of smell and taste and it was weird eating food without tasting it. You could only think of the texture.

I had spent about two weeks without my sense of taste and smell and suddenly I was able to taste the bare minimum. It was better than nothing. The final week with Covid, my blood pressure would drop twice every day, but I didn’t know if it was due to Covid or my own personal health. I also had a really runny nose which bothered me very much. We had decided to go and take the test again after we had quarantined for two weeks. Me and my dad tested negative, but my mom and brother tested positive.

I was relieved that I didn’t have the virus any more, but felt bad that we potentially gave it to my mom and brother. They had to go through the same process with receiving several phone calls and taking medications. My mom, now, has tested negative, and we are waiting for my brother’s result, but I am fairly positive he is negative by now.