Out of Control

by Oscar Astorga 

The new gen consoles for PlayStation 5 and Xbox series were released early in November, and they are a big change from the old ones, which is why everyone is so excited to get one.  

The first batch of units that went out on November 12th were sold out within seconds!

As of right now it is impossible to even find a next gen console in an actual store because many people bought them online.

The PS5 consoles are limited for each household, so basically each family is allowed to buy one console due to having low supply for the system. However, people set up auto bots so they could buy more than the limited set for each household.

The PS5 launch was crazier than the PS4 because many people thought they did not need to upgrade consoles; that is, until they stopped making games for the old consoles.

The good news is that Sony said they will send more consoles to stores for people to buy before Christmas.

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