Opinion: Pittsburgh Steelers are #1

by Mia Martinez

Are you rooting for the current number 1 team in the NFL? Well, I’m just asking… because I KNOW I AM! Go Steelers!

The Pittsburgh Steelers were the only undefeated team in the NFL through week 12 with an 11-0 record. Sadly, they now find themselves on a two-game losing streak, losing to Washington on December 7 by a score of 23-17, followed by a 26-15 loss to the Buffalo Bills during Sunday Night Football in Week 14.

The Steelers, who have already clinched a playoff berth (pictured, from NFL.com), now have a record of 11-2, dropping to the #2 seed in the AFC behind the Kansas City Chiefs and just ahead of the 10-3 Bills.

The teams that Pittsburgh has defeated include the New York Giants, Denver Broncos, Houston Texans, Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns, Tennessee Titans, Baltimore Ravens (twice), Dallas Cowboys, Cincinnati Bengals, and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

A lot of those games were close, but the Steelers were still able to defeat the opposing teams for the win.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of 28 NFL teams in the Super Bowl era, dating to 1966, to start a season with a record of at least 8-0.

So far the Steelers are having a great season. I hope they keep it up!

Let me also give you some background information about this amazing team. The Pittsburgh Steelers were founded in 1933 by a man named Arthur Joseph Rooney, and the team is still owned by the Rooney family today.  

The team was originally called the Pittsburgh Pirates–the same as the Major League Baseball team. But owner Art Rooney decided the team needed a change, so he held a contest to choose a new name. According to the article “How the Steelers were Named,” 21 people submitted the name “Steelers.” The Rooneys decided they liked the name because it honored the city’s steel industry. The family awarded all of those 21 people season tickets! When the 1940 season began, the team was officially the Pittsburgh Steelers.