Opinion Column: Chaos with Coney Barrett

by  Angelina Carranza

Amy Coney Barrett was appointed to be a new justice of the Supreme Court. Within the court, she can pass legislation and vote to overturn laws that are in place. According to an article for NBC News, some of her rulings may affect the LGBTQ+ Community and women’s rights in the state of Pennsylvania and possibly other parts of the country.

One upcoming case is Fulton v. City of Philadelphia. This involves whether or not a child welfare service needs to work with same sex couples. These changes could bring total chaos to the state. This is an injustice to these two communities because of how hard they’ve fought for their rights. If Justice Barrett eliminates the ability for same sex couples to adopt, it will destroy families.

This same NBC article also mentions that several years ago, Barrett worked against same sex marriages, too. So she doesn’t even want same sex couples to be allowed to marry. Why would anyone want to take away the right of marriage for people who love each other?

Abortion rights is another issue that Barrett seems to oppose. It’s a woman’s right and choice whether or not to eliminate an unplanned pregnancy. This topic includes lots of different situations such as young females who get their menstrual cycles at early ages and who get sexually assaulted. These young girls are at an age where their bodies haven’t reached full capacity, and carrying and delivering a baby could cause them real harm or even bring about their death.

How is it possible for this new Supreme Court judge to take away rights so easily when they were so difficult to acquire?

These are basic human rights that people have fought hard to obtain. I would hope that a woman like Amy Coney Barrett would know how important basic women’s rights are. I don’t understand why she wants to stop other females from exercising their rights when it’s not her choice or her decision? She should not allow her own opinions to influence her rulings. She should not take something away from females or other people just because she doesn’t personally agree or like it.

Both the LGBTQ+ community and the community of women fought for their human rights, and they all still live in a country where their voices are able to be heard. They, and everyone, have the right to be free and to express themselves. So, why does Barrett want to come into office and take away these rights?